Clinton’s Reaction to Gaddafi Assassination Symbolizes Inhumanity of Empire

by Nina Westbury for Crimson Satellite.

The world was rightly reviled when the news of the brutal assassination of Libya’s revolutionary leader, Muammar al Gaddafi, was released. A man of extraordinary integrity and character, Gaddafi gave his life for the people of Libya and, more broadly, for the independence of Africa. He was called the “Brother Leader” by his people and his millions of followers across the world, and served as an inspiration to the poor and oppressed throughout the African continent and the global south. So to see this man murdered in such a gruesome manner should have shocked and disgusted the whole of humanity. Here is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s reaction when she heard of Gaddafi’s assassination:

To see such bald crassitude from a politician is exceedingly rare. It was President Obama who cried crocodile tears for the alleged crimes committed by Gaddafi (allegations which were later admitted to be complete fabrications). The Obama administration was swept into power, and maintains legitimacy, on the basis of pacifistic rhetoric even as they send more troops to Afghanistan, went to war with Libya, and are currently provoking Syria, Iran, China, and putting down resistance to Uganda’s reactionary dictator Yoweri Museveni.

While the lack of sugar-coated rhetoric is surprising, the lack of humanity and decency isn’t. Actions really do speak louder than words. Among the many globalist voices who championed the war on Libya, Clinton’s has been one of the loudest. The war crimes committed by NATO and the proxies they armed, trained, and funded speak for themselves. In the name of maintaining the decaying American empire, globalists are willing to obliterate any person or any nation standing in the way. As they lose control of the economic crisis they created, they will only grow more desperate.

The foreign policy objectives currently being carried out by the Obama administration were formed before the administration took power and will continue with the next administration.

Hillary Clinton laughed at the death of Brother Leader Gaddafi because she was eagerly awaiting it. The destruction of Libya and the fall of the Jamahiriya, the directly democratic state of the masses created by Gaddafi, makes her happy — another obstacle in the way of global hegemony removed. But she is wrong. The Libyan people continue their heroic resistance against the strongest military force the world has ever known. They will not give up until the monarchists, Islamists, and CIA elements that form the “NTC” are thoroughly crushed. They know what’s at stake. We need to be aware of it, too. The odds are against humanity and in favor of the elite, who control our governments, our media, and much of our lives. But humanity has the tools and the responsibility to fight back.

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The Necessity of Revolutionary Leadership

From the Spartacist League’s Workers Vanguard, No. 988: 

The ongoing world economic depression emphatically underscores the need to forge revolutionary workers parties to lead the proletariat to power and sweep away the capitalist system once and for all. This point was stressed in a document adopted at the 1961 Annual Conference of the Socialist Labour League in Britain that addressed capitalism’s recurrent crises and imperialist rivalries and the upsurge of liberation movements in the colonial world. The document was endorsed by the Spartacist League’s forebears in the Revolutionary Tendency of the U.S. Socialist Workers Party.

Reformists and opportunists of all varieties echo the spokesmen of the bourgeoisie in supposing, and hoping, that the separate manifestations of the fundamental world crisis can be taken one by one and separately remedied. Marxists claim that this is impossible. All such problems are related because of the inextricable connections between them established by imperialism itself. They do not assume, however, that imperialism will somehow collapse because the contradictions which it secretes will eventually bring the system to a halt. Such an idea of automatic downfall is no part of Marxism. The history of the last 40 years has driven home the lesson so often repeated by Lenin and Trotsky, that there are no impossible situations for the bourgeoisie. It survived the challenge of revolution and economic depression between the wars by resort to fascism. It survived the Second World War with the complicity of the Stalinist and Social Democratic leaderships—which ensured that the working class would not make a bid for power—and used the breathing space to elaborate new methods of rule and strengthen the economy. Even the most desperate situations can be overcome if only the active intervention of the workers as a class for themselves, with a party and leadership with a perspective of overthrowing capitalism, is not prepared in time.

—“The World Prospect for Socialism,” Labour Review (Winter 1961)





© Compiled and Edited by Alexandra Valiente for Libya 360°.

Leader of the World Revolution



Alexandra Valiente
Libya 360°

Muʿammar al-Gaddāfī
June 1942 – 20 October 2011

Mu’tasim-Billah al-Gaddafi
1977 – 20 October 2011

Our beloved Brother Leader has fallen, along with his son, Mu’tassim.

My heart grieves with the Gaddafi family who have withstood so much pain and loss.

What they have given to the people of Libya stands as a lasting testament to the greatness and nobility of the human spirit.

Safia, the wife of Mu’ammar and mother of Khamis and Mu’tassim, stated she was proud of her children and husband’s courage.

Let us pause to honor the valiant ones for their heroism, service and sacrifice on behalf not only of Libya but of the people of the world.

The words of the Gaddafi family are both a message to the world and a warning to imperialists everywhere.

In August, Aisha Gaddafi stated,

Even if my father and my brothers are martyred, I will continue my fight against Islamic terrorists in Libya…Let the West and their mercenaries take note; Aisha Kadhafi will never surrender to their conspiracy of evil.

I carry the blood of a heroic father in my veins and I have never known the idea of surrender.

NATO and Western assassins killed my husband and my child. But they must know by now that Aisha Kadhafi is a soldier. Even at the cost of my own life, I will free my country from the clutches of Islamic terrorists and Al Qaeda.

In September she announced to the world,

I will not tell you that victory is approaching, but that we live victorious every day…

…And the Libyan people are still resilient and fighting. I commend these heroes and I congratulate all of the Libyan people, along with your Great Leader…who is faithful to God… He bears a weapon and is fighting on the battlefield with his sons, side by side with the Libyan fighters. This is Muammar Gaddafi, putting himself forward to become a fighter and a martyr with his sons. This gives you the right to be proud of your leader!

I call on the lions of Tripoli, the lions of Tarhouna, the eagles of Wershifanna, and the lions of Assabia and Mashaseeya and Arshaydat and Ajaylat and Awayell to the Lions of the Ancient city of Sabha to the lions of Sirte, Abusleem and El-Hadhba and all of the heroes of Tripoli, the resilient. And to all Libyan fighters from the West to the South.

I call on you, I call on you, I call on you!

I would like to quote my brother, who when I asked him to be careful and look after himself on the front line with his brothers…I will never forget his words:


To the heroes of Libya, do not disappoint our martyrs.

Avenge them, avenge them, avenge them!

In September, General Khamis Gaddafi’s message to his Russian friend was released, from which this excerpt is taken,

Thank you to all my classmates and teachers who have given me a winning spirit, and have taught to adequately assess a combat situation and who have given me valuable combat experience and skills. I am honored that I had such teachers; time will show I made them proud.

Thanks to all our supporters from Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet countries, especially to the brave souls who are fighting shoulder to shoulder with us to defend my country against the aggression.

We will win or die; no one will give up or run away. To die fighting side by side with warriors is the dream of anyone who defends their country.

Libya has always been ours and will always be ours, even if we die.

Many things have changed in the world. Who would have thought that everything would turn out this way? But remember this is what we studied and prepared ourselves for. We will endure this trial with valor.

I want to make sure that Libya, which is now a river flowing with blood, will be seen by the world, so the world finally sees what the United Nations and the so-called “civilized West” are about.

Our blood is not cheap. None of the traitors will sleep peacefully until the end of my days, I swear by God and by the honor of the Libyan Army Officers.


Mu’tasim Gaddafi, on the eve of the October 14th uprising, called for a World Revolution and the final overthrow the global elite. An excerpt follows, but please read the stirring appeal in its entirety.

People of the world!

These words come to you from those who struggle to survive under NATO’s massive criminal bombardments.

Our plight is not covered by Western corporate media.

We are simple people who chose principles over fear.

We have suffered crimes and sanctions, mass murder and looting, which we consider the true weapons of mass destruction.

We have endured weeks and months of agony and despair, while the condemned UN traded with our oil revenues in the name of ‘protecting civilians’.

Over 60,000 innocents have died while waiting for a light at the end of a tunnel that has no end, save for the colonization of our country and the theft of our resources.

After the crimes of the administrations of France and Britain in Libya, we have chosen our future.

It is the future of every resistance struggle in the history of humankind.

It is our duty as well as our right to fight back against the forces of colonization and to hold their nations morally and economically responsible for what their elected governments have destroyed and stolen from our land.

It is ironic that the Libyans are to bear the full burden of this immense and ever-deepening conflict on behalf of the rest of this sleeping world!

We ask you to form a worldwide front against war and NATO. A front that is governed by the wise. A front that will bring reform and order and new institutions that would replace the now corrupt. Put an end to them before they destroy the entire world.

Educate those in doubt of the true nature of this conflict.

The sooner a global revolutionary movement is born, the sooner their fall.

Finally, I invite you to read the message of the Brother Leader from October 6th, 2011.

Take it deeply to heart.

He had absolute faith in the Libyan people.

He had faith in Africa and the vision of a sovereign, united continent.

He had faith that the people of the world are ready and capable of liberating themselves from all forms of tyranny and subjugation.

Although the world abandoned him, he had not given up on you.

The battle is far from over.

Be who you were born to be.

You do not know the idea of surrender or defeat.

Revolutionary blood flows in your veins and the courage of every revolutionary that ever lived beats within your heart, driving you forward to the glorious goal.

The time has come to take away the power we have granted the global elite and withdraw our consent to be governed by them. They are illegitimate and not above the law. Do not look to the corrupt institutions to bring the force of law to bear upon them. They must be brought to justice, tried and sentenced by the people of the world.

Rise up and ensure that they find no sanctuary, no safe haven where they can hide from the consequences of their treachery and the enormity of their crimes against humanity and the planet.

Be bold and resolute!

For Libya! For Humanity! For Freedom and a Just World!

The great tribes of Bani Walid, Sirte, Warshfana and Nawhi are strong and well armed. They will never be defeated because honorable people cannot and will never be subjugated!

The people of Libya, the true Libyans, will never accept invasion and colonization.

We will fight for our freedom and are prepared for much sacrifice. The traitors, the colonizers and NATO’s armies will all be defeated!

The traitors have lost trust and confidence between themselves and their masters. They cannot continue because they are divided and intrinsically vulnerable.

The NTC, who gave them legitimacy?

How did they obtain legitimacy?

Did the Libyan people elect them?

Did the Libyan people appoint them?

And if only the power of NATO bombs and fleets grant legitimacy, then let all the rulers in the Third World beware for the same fate awaits you!

To those who recognize this council as legitimate, beware!

There will be transitional councils created everywhere and imposed upon you and one by one, you shall all fall!

I urge all Libyan people to go out and march in the millions in every square, in every city, village and oases.

Go peacefully with all boldness.

Be courageous.

Rise up!

Go forth! Forward!

Raise our proud Green flag to the skies!

Even if there comes a time when you do not hear my voice, do not give up. Do not despair. Do not stop fighting for your freedom until you have victory!

Obituary For Muammar Al-Gaddafi, Brother Leader of the Revolution and the Valiant Martyrs, Champions of Libyan Freedom
tvarrai October 21, 2011

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Sleeping in Barrios: The Venezuelan Opposition in a Class of Its Own

Maria Corina's "Grassroots Capitalism": Neoliberal Farce
“Popular (Grassroots) Capitalism is coming” reads this recent campaign poster for another opposition candidate, Maria Corina

by Rachael Boothroyd –, October 18th 2011

Despite the fact that he still had a possible ban from holding public office hanging over his head, presidential hopeful Leopoldo Lopez chose to take his lead from the Inter-American Court of Human Rights last Sunday and get started on his electoral campaign.

In an all-out assault on the senses, an informally dressed Lopez set about his “The Best Venezuela” tour by rubbing shoulders with a group of working class fisherman and beating the drum of democracy as loudly as humanly possible. The opposition candidate for the “Popular Will” party had pledged to travel to “each corner of Venezuela” over the next few weeks in order to “listen to the people”. As opposition spectacles go, it did not disappoint.

Without a hint of irony, Lopez brazenly declared to the world that he would “use oil for well-being and progress and to eradicate extreme poverty”.

“It is immoral and incoherent that there is so much poverty, zinc roofs, areas without basic services where children are exposed to rubbish and illness, on this ground which produces the best riches thanks to oil…that is a reality that we are going to change, that is not ‘The Best Venezuela!’” chimed the Harvard graduate.

If that is the best campaign that millions of dollars worth of USAID funding can buy, I can only assume that there must be some serious hand-wringing going on in Washington. Still, if charismatic public speaking isn’t Lopez’s strong point, you have to admire his sheer audacity.  Having stolen 60 million bolivars from PSVSA and donating it to his own political party in 1998, misappropriating public funds during his time as Mayor of Chacao and taking part in an illegal and violent coup against the democratically elected president in 2002, you think he’d be a little more humble with regards to the topic of upholding human rights and democracy. Nevertheless, Lopez assures us that, given the chance, he will “build a Venezuela where rights are for all”.

Lopez’s moment in the limelight was cut short, however, as the Venezuelan Supreme Court Justice released a proverbial rain over his parade:  the ban preventing him from holding public office would be upheld: pressure from Washington or no pressure from Washington.

Apart from the accusations of “flagrant human rights violations” that this move will undoubtedly provoke, the verdict makes very little real difference to the up-and-coming 2012 elections. Lopez was not the favourite opposition candidate and there are plenty of other presidential hopefuls who are willing to cavort with fisherman they have never met or cared about before in order to get a slice of the electoral pie.

However, Lopez’s ephemeral political campaign is interesting for a number of reasons, not least its comedy value. Lopez’s constant references to the “people”, “excluded sectors” and using oil for “the well-being of all” is incredibly revealing of the opposition’s electoral strategy.

Having tried an array of tactics, from coups and boycotting elections to ridiculing Chávez, (and by proxy, millions of Venezuelans) the opposition has added a shrewder political tactic to its repertoire: simply regurgitating the rhetoric used by the revolution.

 In fact, according to Lopez, when he wasn’t ferreting away public funds to unknown destinations during his time as mayor, he was busy promoting “popular networks”, which bear an astounding similarity to the revolution’s communal councils. Lopez defines these networks as “a model of community organisation which is orientated towards promoting social and political participation for your rights and in search of solutions to community problems”.

Keen to present themselves as an alternative to the “traditional politics” of the Fourth Republic, opposition candidates are currently busy stressing their links to unions, youths and “grassroots organisations” to any media outlets willing to listen. Yet this isn’t just your typical political showmanship, the latest opposition strategy is a manifestation of how the revolution has radicalised the political landscape in Venezuela and changed the national consciousness.

Politics in Venezuela is no longer just something which takes place between men in suits at the National Assembly, but is a collective enterprise staged everyday in public spaces; it is a concept that has been re-appropriated and re-invented by the popular sectors, who are simultaneously democratising and revolutionising their socio-cultural surroundings. Faced with this new political dynamic, the right has been forced to wage its political campaign by engaging in action on traditionally leftist terms, by staging “demonstrations”, forming “social movements” and attempting to assert their presence in non-traditional political spheres in order to keep up with the revolution.

The Emperor Has No Clothes

Alas, chirping the words “alternative democracy” and “grassroots social movements” with nauseating regularity doesn’t seem to be fooling the majority of Venezuelans. A recent GIS XXI poll placed Chávez’s approval rating at 58% (cue more hand-wringing in Washington) and opposition favourite, Capriles Radonski at only 8%. This could be because the opposition aren’t making their case with enough vigour, but I suspect it’s more related to issues of substance vs. rhetoric and the minor problem of collective memory.

Not only are the opposition still associated with the repressive and neo-liberal politics of the Fourth Republic, but they are quite simply and inescapably viewed as Venezuela’s corrupt elite. For all their different strategies, the opposition has consistently failed to grasp that the Bolivarian Revolution has squarely placed the long-avoided issues of class and class struggle at the heart of Venezuelan politics. Unfortunately, the opposition represent the wrong interests, no matter how many barrio kids they kiss.

A classic example of this kind of strategy gone horribly wrong is the case of Eduardo Fernandez, who pledged to spend a night in the barrios during his 1988 electoral campaign to show his “humility” to the Venezuelan electorate. The contrived and patronising nature of the stunt (and some rumours even allege that he spent the night in his bullet-proof limousine) just emphasised the gaping class schism between Fernandez and the majority of Venezuelans.

Earlier this year during the Haitian “(s)elections,” ousted leftwing president of Haiti, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, commented that:

“Haitians are so bright, if you are faking, pretending that you love them and using beautiful words, they will smell it, they will get it.”

The opposition’s Achilles heel is to have consistently underestimated just how “bright” the Venezuelan popular sectors are. They think that they won’t smell them. In their patronising attempts to convince the Venezuelan poor that they no longer view them as malandraje (thugs), they reveal that their attitudes haven’t changed one iota. Venezuelans have proved themselves to be knowledgeable agents of change, capable of transforming their own societies and driving the revolution forward themselves. The opposition still regard them as an electoral flock.

There is one aspect, however, where the opposition may have finally got it right. In an interview with Venezuelan newspaper Diario el Tiempo, Carlos Vecchio, the head of Lopez’s election campaign commented that: “With this process (the Bolivarian Revolution), we have learnt what democracy is really worth.”

With this statement, Vecchio may have unwittingly captured the global mood. As hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets in Spain, New York, London and many other countries, the issue of direct democracy and citizen participation has never been more relevant – the role of democracy in the struggle against capitalism, the need to wrest the actual concept of democracy from the liberal mantra of “free and fair elections” and reinvent it from below.

Although this process is underway in Venezuela, it is still nowhere near complete. Bureaucracy and corruption still remain the biggest obstacles to the implementation of a veritable socialist project. Yet the content for this sui generis revolutionary process comes from the popular sectors which create it, and the hope for the future of the revolution lies heavily within the ability of these sectors to keep reconstituting and reasserting this creative role through the democratic tools they have honed throughout the revolutionary process. The only hope for the opposition, however, is that Venezuelans are suddenly afflicted by a collective bout of amnesia. For the moment, it seems that they are just doomed to continually getting it wrong and constantly wondering why the answers still elude them. After all, there are some things that not even a private education at Harvard can teach, and Fernandez still lost the elections. 

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© Compiled and Edited by Alexandra Valiente for Libya 360°.

War Crimes: Sirte After Nato Bombardments (*Note the Green Flag on the top of the building in the background, to the right*)

NATO Mercenaries have been slaughtering civilians in Sirte for the past week, killing anyone who expresses their support for the Jamahariya Government peacefully. Dozens of bodies have been found with their hands tied behind their backs and shot in the back multiple times. This is identical to the mass murder in Tripoli where streets were filled with civilian bodies, hands tied behind their backs using plastic cuffs.

In NATO terminology, this is protecting civilians, by unleashing thugs and released prisoners on to a city, protected by NATO air power. I wonder how many Westerners would agree to this sort of “no fly zone” in their own countries?

Analysts believe that NATO is attempting a genocide against a whole Tribe in Sirte, even civilians are massacred as combatants, women and children. At the same time, the resistance continues, fighting rages on, and a NATO Mercenary commander has admitted that they cannot afford to loose another hundred men, meaning that they are almost finished, therefore the NATO Mercenary commander stated that they will bomb the town until the resistance ends and the occupation wins.

A similar strategy was used by Americans in Vietnam when they used Chemical weapons to try to kill as many people as possible therefore weaken the resistance. History repeats itself, the will of the Libyan people are strong, similar to the will of Vietnamese people who forced American imperialists to run with their tails between their legs.



Five Reasons We Need Socialism to Solve Unemployment

Five Reasons we Need Socialism to Solve Unemployment
Only 58 percent of adults have a job in the heart of global capitalism
by Ben Becker
SEPTEMBER 29, 2011

The “official” unemployment rate is essentially worthless in assessing the state of the economy. Journalists use this rate—9.1 percent presently, or 14 million people—which only counts the people who have actively looked for work in the last four weeks. The real unemployment rate, counting those who have given up on the dismal job market, and those who are severely under-employed, is at least double the official number.

A better way to evaluate whether the economic system is working, and making the most out of society’s vast human resources and potential, is the employment-to-population rate. This rate takes into account the 29 million men and 47 million women that are not even counted in the “official” labor force.

For the ages of 20-64, only 77 percent of the population was employed in 2010. The overall rate (over age 16) has been stuck at 58 percent and is significantly worse for African Americans—51 percent.

These are the worst figures in 30 years. To put them into perspective, the country has roughly the same number of jobs today as it had in 2000, while the population has increased by 30 million over the same period. As a result, the economy would have to add around 18 million jobs to get back to the same employment rate as 2000.

What we are witnessing then is not only high unemployment, but a relentless trend of casting people out of the productive process altogether.

Even if Obama’s recently announced plan were to produce the 2 million jobs he promises—and it won’t—it would hardly make a dent into these long-term trends. The bill, which is unlikely to pass anyway, would come with devastating cuts to Social Security, basically forcing people to mortgage their futures to pay for the present.

What we’re dealing with is a problem far bigger than the White House and Congress. It is not fundamentally a problem of bad policies, nor can it be turned around simply by raising the taxes on the rich (although that would help).

The system of capitalism cannot resolve unemployment for several reasons:

  1. The unplanned economic system leads to periodic crises of overproduction.Competing with one another to control the market, the capitalists inevitably produce too much to sell at a profit, and so start to lay off workers to maintain their profit margins.
  2. Technology is used against workers, not for them. Nearly every technological advance is used to replace jobs; while the workforce shrinks, the remaining workers are expected to produce more. The working class is punished for its own productivity.
  3. The system requires a section of workers to be unemployed. If everyone had a job, workers would demand higher wages and would not fear being replaced. The capitalists actually aim for a 4% unemployment rate—which they misleadingly call “full employment”—but this amounts to 5 million workers out of a job.  
  4. The vast resources that could be used to employ idle workers are in the hands of a small number of capitalists. Because of the banks’ economic dictatorship, all the government does is give more and more concessions to these capitalists to make them feel more “confident” to invest.
  5. The capitalists only offer employment based on profitability. The capitalists will not spend their trillions of dollars in cash until they believe it can return a steady rate of profit for them.

These problems are all related to one another, and cannot be solved piece by piece. We have to put the operation of the economy on an entirely different basis.

There are tens of millions of people who want to work, or would be willing to go back to school to become trained in other fields if their jobs have become obsolete.

There are vast social needs in the country—in the fields of science, education, health care and infrastructure, to name a few—but since these are not immediately profitable enterprises, they are systematically neglected.

It is not utopian to demand a society in which its vast human resources are used to address its vast needs. It is not utopian to demand a society in which technological advances are used for the benefit of everyone, and in which workers replaced by machines are provided a guaranteed wage while they are re-trained for other work.

In fact, we need such a society to escape a future of increasing unemployment and impoverishment. Socialism—the public control and ownership over society’s productive resources—is no longer a question for the far-off future. It is now an elementary and basic demand.


ALBA Representatives Campaign for “Diplomatic” Solution to Syrian Conflict

Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister, Nicholas Maduro, (far left) and his Cuban counterpart Bruno Rodriguez head the ALBA delegation to Damascus (


by RACHAEL BOOTHROYD | 11 October, 2011

CORO ( – Representatives from the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) vowed to campaign for a “peaceful and diplomatic” solution to the Syrian conflict yesterday, following a meeting with the Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad in Damascus.

Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Nicolas Maduro was joined by his Cuban counterpart, Bruno Rodriguez, and other delegates from Bolivia, Nicaragua and Ecuador during the diplomatic visit, which was convened in order to “reject any attempts at an invasion or political destabilisation” by NATO countries against Syria.

“We are in no doubt that imperialism and Western powers want to take advantage of Syria’s internal problems, in order to conspire against, do damage to and destroy Syria,” said Maduro.

Likewise, Cuban minister Rodriguez expressed his support for the Syrian people’s “right to self-determination, free from any intervention or foreign interference”.

“Cuba, as part of ALBA, feels the need to defend international law and to urge the (UN) Security Council to comply with its mandate and to insist that the UN Assembly and the countries of the Non-Aligned Movement support the Syrian people,” continued the Cuban diplomat, who also expressed his concern for the lack of objective information being relayed to the global public through the private media.

Revolts against the Syrian government began earlier this year in March, when citizens took to the streets demanding reform from the national government. Although Western media reports contend that the Al-Assad administration has been repressing pro-democracy advocates, the Syrian government maintains that it has been defending itself against the violent attacks of an armed “fringe” group.

During the meeting, President Al-Assad explained to the delegates that the government was open to dialogue with the opposition forces and that it was undertaking political reform in order to address the conflict. ALBA delegates also met separately with Syrian Foreign Relations Minister, Walid Al-Moallem, who thanked the ALBA representatives for their visit.

“The particular timing of the delegation’s visit and their arrival from outside (of Syria) reflects the magnitude of their solidarity,” said the Syrian minister.

The ALBA representatives’ meeting with Al-Assad comes as the European Union applauded the efforts of the Syrian opposition, who formed the Syrian National Council (SNC) earlier last week in Istanbul. The EU described the move as a “positive step” but refrained from recognising the opposition front as the legitimate government of Syria.

“We are not at the stage of recognition…but I believe we have to get to know them better and get to know their intentions,” said French Foreign Minister, Alain Juppe, about the newly-formed SNC.

Since its formation in 2004, the ALBA has consistently maintained a non-interventionist stance with regards to foreign policy and was particularly critical of NATO’s recent intervention in Libya. Following the organisation’s 6th Political Council meeting last month in Caracas, ALBA issued an official statement warning of its concern that NATO countries planned to repeat the Libyan experience in Syria.

Maduro affirmed that ALBA countries “would not stand idly by” whilst Syrian internal affairs were threatened.

“We are going to support it in all of the international organisations, starting with the UN. The UN cannot be an instrument of war for imperialist countries or Zionism,” concluded the minister.

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