President al-Assad: “We Have No Choice Left but to Win Any Battle That Would Target Our Sovereignty”

President Bashar al-Assad addresses crowds of supporters in Raqqa.

November 7, 2011 – SANA English Bulletin

RAQQA, (SANA) – President Bashar al-Assad on Sunday said Syria is strong thanks to its people, national choices and independent decision, and it is determined to restore its national rights fully.

The president’s remarks came during his meeting with a number of clan seniors and political, economic and social figures at al-Raqqa Governorate Building after performing Eid al-Adha prayer

“We have no choice left but to win any battle that would target our sovereignty and national decision,” the President added.

President al-Assad expressed appreciation of the love he felt from the tens of thousands of people who gathered in front of the Governorate Headquarters to welcome his visit.

The president added that the patriotism and love are neither strange from al-Raqqa people nor the Syrian people as a whole who proved to the world that they are the real defenders of the homeland.

Palestinian and Syrian flags appear in demonstrations by supporters of the Syrian President.

President al-Assad considered that the Syrian people’s standing up against sedition, terrorism and foreign interference, and their adherence to the principles and beliefs based on legitimate rights constitute the basis for Syria’s steadfastness in the face of the conspiracies hatched against it.

Later, President al-Assad met several figures in Raqqa, as talks dealt with means of developing the situation of services in the province serving people’s interests.

People of Raqqa expressed their pride of President al-Assad’s wise leadership, stressing their confidence in Syria’s ability, under his leadership, to overcome the conspiracy stronger.

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