Updated: President Bashar al-Assad Unedited Interview with ABC News


Editor’s Note: This interview has been removed several times from YouTube. I have saved the forty-six minute interview in its entirety in the case that it is once again removed from the web.

— Nina Westbury, Creator and Editor of Crimson Satellite

Article by Nina Westbury for Crimson Satellite

DAMASCUS — In a rare interview with an American media outlet, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad sat down with ABC News’ Barbara Walters to discuss the crisis in Syria.

“Do you think your forces cracked down too hard?” Walters asked. President al-Assad noted that Syria’s army doesn’t belong to him, stating, “I’m President. I don’t own the country.” Assad also mentioned that Syria’s Constitution requires the army to defend the country’s sovereignty.

Further, the President contrasted what American media are calling a “crackdown,” which he said was the result of the mistakes of some officials, with having a policy of torture. “If you want to talk about policy, look at what’s happening in Guantanamo, where you have a policy of torture,” the President remarked, referring to the infamous American military prison based in Cuba — which has not shied away from using torture against so-called ‘enemy combatants.’

President Assad also touched on the plight of the Palestinian people, the United Nations’ lack of credibility, and other important topics.

The full interview lasts forty-six minutes, some of which aired on an ABC special disingenuously titled “The Dictator Speaks.”


5 thoughts on “Updated: President Bashar al-Assad Unedited Interview with ABC News

  1. Thierry in Syria – Turkish Govt also in the US

    Thierry Meyssan in DAMASCUS (SYRIA) explains the regional interests, and how indispensible Syria is to Russia.

    • Hi Peter. You can stream the full version above, as it has not been removed. If you are interested in downloading it, I simply went to KeepVid.com and followed the instructions. I hope this answered your question.

  2. Nina, Thanks so much for doing this work. It is so important that people outside Syria have access to these interviews so we in the ‘West’ can make up our own mind about the situation in Syria. Currently the narrative is being determined by people who deem themselves expert commentators who made their mind up about Syria in March last year, if not before. We need to get the primary sources as much as possible to fully understand the situation faced by the people of Syria. Fortunately, I am in a position to watch Syrian TV and Addounia, so I see the familiar faces of Syrians on the TV screen and hear their voices. My heart is in Syria with the people.
    Kind regards,

    • I appreciate your comment Susan. We in the ‘West’ are almost solely exposed to one perspective. We see the Muslim Brotherhood protests and hear about the so-called “Free Syrian Army” but the Syrian people are never asked what they think by our media outlets.

      I watched last year as a war was waged against the Libyan people and their leader Muammar Gaddafi. The same covert tactics used in the war on Libya are now being applied in Syria.

      You are fortunate to have access to Syrian channels. The only outlets challenging the imperialist narrative here are RT and Press TV, and they each have their own faults. They never told the whole truth about Libya.

      The war against Syria will be a media war. The more voices expressing an anti-war, anti-NATO perspective now, the better prepared we will be as the war propaganda continues to ramp up against the Syrian government and the Syrian people.

      I looked at your site and was quite impressed. I hope you will continue to find Crimson Satellite a valuable resource.

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