Syria’s Tribes And Clans: United Against Destabilization Efforts

Participants in Tribes and Clans Assembly Affirm Solidarity with All Syrians in Defense of the Country
January 29, 2012

H. Sabbagh
SANA English Bulletin

RAQQA, (SANA) – Participants in the tribes and clans assembly which will be held in Raqqa governorate on Monday affirmed that clansmen and tribesmen – along with all Syrians – will defend their country and confront the conspiracy targeting Syria.

Sheikh Saleh al-Nuemi, organizer of the assembly, said in an interview with the Syrian TV on Sunday that the awareness of clansmen and tribesman in Syria played a role in foiling the conspiracy targeting Syria’s national unity.

He pointed out that the assembly in Raqqa was not the first of its kind, as a similar assembly was organized in Daraa back in March 2011, saying that clans played a role in calming and reconciliation as they always have in the past.

For his part, elder of al-Hleisat clan, sheikh Shaaban Hammoud, stressed that Syria will remain immune to conspirators and will always be the beating heart of the Arab nation, and that Syria will never accept any imposed solution that excludes the restoration of Palestine and Golan.

In turn, director of Raqqa Endowments (Awqaf) sheikh Abdullah Saleh pointed out that the entire Arab and Islamic nation is being targeted through the attack on Syria which is using unprecedented media instigation based on lies and falsehoods, with some channels that claim to be religious issuing Fatwas calling for shedding Syrian blood.

For her part, writer Najah Ibrahim said that Syria never knew division, racism or sectarianism throughout its history, and that Syria’s intellectuals must play their role in confronting this crisis which was manufactured by foreign forces.


2 thoughts on “Syria’s Tribes And Clans: United Against Destabilization Efforts

  1. I totally agree with this. This stuff happens everytime, year in-year out and not only in syria. Just a bunch of people sit somewhere and think that their wealth more important than thousands of lifes somewhere-else. It is a good thing that the general population is getting sensitized. It had to start from somewhere, and it may aswell be syria.
    I am against such evil and deteriorating manipulations which causes the loss of lives and comfort of masses. It is plain wrong!! and Totally unacceptable in my opinion.
    And I will always support the eradication of this malice to our beautiful world.

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