Aleppo Citizens Gather to Support President al-Assad

SANA English Bulletin

ALEPPO, (SANA) – Huge crowds of Syrian citizens and youths on Wednesday streamed into al-Marjeh neigborhood in Aleppo to express support to the reform program and adherence to national unity and Syria’s independent national decision.

The Participants held national flags and banners, voicing rejection of the Arab and foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs.

They stressed that the Syrian people’s awareness and their rallying around their leadership will help confront the pressures aimed at undermining the homeland’s security and stability.

Citizen Ali Rmeish stressed the need for cooperation among all spectrums of the Syrian society to overcome the attempts of sowing sedition and disuniting citizens.

Sheikh Hussein al-Sattouf from al-Assaseneh Tribe in Aleppo underlined the importance of the reform process led by President Bashar al-Assad as the issued decrees and laws provide the appropriate environment to build renewed Syria.

Citizen Hamzeh al-Hassan stressed Syria’s pivotal role in the region as the last fortress of Arab Resistance, adding that the Arabs should realize that the Arab league without Syria loses its Arabism.

For his part, citizen Abdel Fattah Eleiwi expressed readiness to sacrifice the dearest for the sake of Syria’s dignity and stability.

A group of teachers taking part in the rally condemned the crimes and sabotage acts committed by the armed terrorist groups in targeting public and private properties.

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