Groups Affiliated to Istanbul Council Attack Syrian Consul and Embassy Staff in Tripoli

Feb 09, 2012

TRIPOLI, (SANA)-Groups affiliated to the gangs of Istanbul Council on Wednesday attacked the Syrian Consul in Libya, Mohammed al-Ghazawi, and the staff of the Syrian embassy in Tripoli, while they were going to the Libyan Foreign Ministry which summoned them to inform them to close the Syrian Embassy.

The Consul and staff have miraculously survived as the gangs assailed their cars with clubs, knives and cleavers near the Embassy headquarters at al-Nofaliyn Neighborhood.

Al-Ghazawi pointed out that what happened was premeditated, so that all the chapters were alternating behind each other.

The Libyan Foreign Ministry had informed the Syrian Consul to come as to take over the Embassy after it was stormed by the gang of Istanbul Council, but when they arrived to the Embassy and entered the building they found that all the contents of the embassy were shattered with a number of its contents looted.

H. Zain/ al-Ibrahim


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