Cuba Denounces Campaign against Syria

February 13, 2012

Prensa Latina

UNITED NATIONS (Prensa Latina) — Cuba denounced on Monday at the UN General Assembly manipulation and media lies promoted to justify aggression against the Syrian people.

Particularly alarming are the calls of those who promote regime change in Syria and are betting on the use of force and violence instead of contributing to dialogue and negotiation between all parties, said Pedro Nuñez Mosquera, Permanent Representative of Cuba to United Nations.

Speaking Monday at a meeting of the UN General Assembly convened to discuss the human rights situation in Syria, Nuñez Mosquera called to listen to proposals and actions of the Syrian government to resolve the conflict.

Nuñez Mosquera warned about incitement to violence, military aggression and foreign intervention advocated by media and senior officials of member countries of NATO.

A civil war in Syria or intervention of foreign forces would have serious implications for international peace and security and in particular to the troubled Middle East region, said Nuñez Mosquera.

Nuñez Mosquera reiterated Cuba’s rejection of foreign intervention, “either directly, or through support by irregular armed groups and the promotion of military adventures, which only raise destruction and deaths.”

The official recalled the position of NATO in the Middle East, unjustifiable bombing of Libya after the manipulation of a Security Council resolution and the acceptance and the complicit silence towards Israel’s actions against the Palestinian people.

All this shows that the promotion of human rights is not exactly the motivation of those who call the General Assembly to rule on the issue before us today, Nuñes Mosquera stated.

Nuñez Mosquera pointed out that the international community must assist in safeguarding peace and stability in Syria and must not encourage actions that cause deaths, crime, attacks on innocent people and insecurity.


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