Syrian Interior Ministry: 89.4% of 8,376,447 Voters Agreed to New Draft Constitution


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DAMASCUS (SANA) – Syria’s Interior Ministry announced Monday the results of the referendum on the new draft resolution of Syria, with 89.4% of voters agreeing to it.

In a press conference, Minister of Interior Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ibrahim al-Shaar said that that 8,376,447 citizens voted in the referendum on the new draft constitution, which constitutes 57.4% of the 14,589,954 eligible voters, with 7,490,319 (89.4% of voters) agreeing to it while 753,208 (9% of voters) didn’t agree.

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He added that there were 132,920 invalid ballots, which makes up 1.6% of votes.

Minister Al-Shaar said that there was a good turnout despite the threats and intimidation by armed terrorist groups in some areas and the accompanying distortion and instigation campaigns by media which attempted to prevent citizens from practicing their right to vote and harm the democratic process.On Sunday, Syrian citizens voted on the new draft resolution of Syria, with poll centers witnessing increasing turnout as the hours passed, reflecting the citizens’ keenness on moving forward with the reform process.

Speaker of the People’s Assembly Mahmoud al-Abrash, upon voting on the new constitution on Sunday, said that the Syrians themselves build up the future of their country through their participation in the draft constitution referendum.

For his part, Prime Minister Adel Safar stressed in a statement to the journalists that the draft constitution meets the Syrian people’s aspirations as it focuses on their needs in the various fields, particularly those related to health, education, guaranteeing the private property, freedoms and the independence of justice.

He added that the draft constitution is an important step in Syria’s history and will be effective in achieving political plurality and ensuring democracy and freedom.

For his part, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem said Sunday the referendum on the new draft constitution marks a historic day in the life of the Syrian people who have stressed their steadfastness and unity and therefore deserved a new constitution to move toward a new stage of democracy and political plurality.

Asked to address a message to the outside, al-Moallem said “My message to the outside is to address their own internal worries and to leave Syria alone,” adding that “those who care for the interest of the Syrian people don’t impose sanctions on it.”

Interior Minister Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ibrahim al-Shaar also said Sunday that the constitutional referendum crowned a package of reforms commenced by the leadership, adding that the referendum process has proceeded normally in the majority of provinces regions.

Minister of Local Administration Eng. Omar Ghalawanji, Minister of Justice Judge Tayseer Qala Awwad, Minister of Health Dr. Wael Nader al-Halqi, Minister of Education Saleh al-Rashed and Minister of Electricity Imad Khamis also voted on the draft of the new constitution.

Religious figures and scholars also participated in the referendum, with Dr. Mohammad Said Ramadan al-Bouti saying during his participation that this constitution expresses the nation’s desires and challenging any group of constructive opposition to devise a better constitution.

In turn, Greek Catholic Patriarch of Antioch and All the East Gregorius III Lahham said that the referendum addresses the Arab and Islamic world and the west, telling them that this is Syria and this is its history, present and future.

Referendum on the new draft constitution for the Syria Arab Republic started Sunday at seven a.m. in the centers distributed in all provinces, border centers, airports and Badia.

The total number of referendum centers amounted to 14,185 after some provinces asked to increase the number set previously at 13,835 centers.

Mobile centers are also available in the desert for the Bedouins who cannot come to referendum centers. The referendum will be held according to voting tables distributed to all centers in order to match the voters’ names as to avoid double voting.

The Syrian citizen had voted according to his/ her identity card or what can substitute it such as the election card, valid passport, driving license, syndicate card or the university card.

Instructions were also distributed in each center in all provinces so the citizen gets acquainted with the steps they should know to vote.

The referendum operation continued until 07:00 p.m. local time and, in special cases the heads of few center found high turnout, and voting was extended until 10:00 p.m. only, then all centers were closed officially.

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