Putin: Moscow Won’t Allow Anyone to Repeat Libyan Scenario in Syria


MOSCOW, (SANA)– Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin affirmed Russia’s adherence to its rejection of any foreign interference in Syria or any attempt to repeat the Libyan scenario in Syria, stressing that the international community must exert efforts to achieve reconciliation among Syrians.

In an article under the title “Russia and the Changing World” published in the Russian newspaper Moskovskie Novosti on Monday, Putin underlined the need to end violence in Syria regardless of source and launch national dialogue without preconditions and without foreign interference in a manner respecting sovereignty, saying that this will compliment the steps announced by the Syrian leadership to promote democracy, and more importantly, will prevent the occurrence of a civil war.

He pointed out that after the bitter experience of Libya, Russia is against the Security Council issuing any resolutions that may be interpreted as permitting military intervention in Syria, noting that this is why Russia and China didn’t allow the resolution in February which could have been misinterpreted and urged one side to resort to violence.

Putin warned the west against creating a coalition or alliance to carry out an operation not sanctioned by the Security Council since such a behavior is very risky and does not help reach a settlement in a troubled country and will cause deterioration in international security, adding that the veto right is an integral part of the world order and the UN charter.

He expressed hope that the US and other countries will take the unfortunate experience of Libya into consideration, expressing wonder over the desire to use military force and the lack of patience to formulate a balanced unanimous stance, noting that such a stance could have been made by making the same demands from the armed opposition that were made from the government.

Putin said that rejecting this step was an impertinent act since all participants in armed conflict must come to their senses in order to guarantee the safety of innocent civilians, which is Russia’s primary goal.

Regarding the Arab region, Putin said that the “Arab Spring” resulted in the replacement of one force by another even more stern and oppressive one rather than establish democracy and protecting the rights of minorities, adding that foreign interference in favor of one side in an internal conflicts exacerbated the situation, which is what happened in Libya, as countries worked to topple the Libyan regime under the guise of humanitarianism and resulted in the horrible scene of the killing of Muammar Gaddafi in a medieval manner.

He said that the tragic events in the Middle East aren’t motivated by protecting human rights, and that seeking to force democracy often leads to the opposite result as extremist religious forces emerge to subvert the development of countries.

Regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict, Putin stressed that there’s no magical solution to this issue and that work must continue to seek a solution, which is what Russian diplomacy will do.

He expressed Russia’s adherence to providing security to all countries and avoid the excessive use of force, saying that some of the actions of the US and NATO undermine Russia’s security and destabilize the world, adding that there are concerns over the armed conflicts which are being justified by humanitarian purposes.

Putin said that the selective protection of human rights leads to empty demagoguery, stressing the need for the UN to resist pressure and dictations as no-one may use force against sovereign countries under the pretense of acquiring UN approval.

On the Iranian issue, Putin warned against the catastrophic consequences of a military strike against Iran, calling for resolving the Iranian issue peacefully.

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