Crowds in Damascus, Hasaka Gather to Support Reform Process


DAMASCUS / HASAKA (SANA) – Huge crowds of Syrians gathered at Saba Bahrat Square in Damascus and the President Square in Hasaka to stress support to the reform process in Syria.

The masses rejected all attempts of foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs, expressing determination to foil the conspiracy.

The participants in Damascus expressed deep appreciation for the sacrifices of the Syrian army in confronting armed terrorist groups.

Political and media figures from Tunisia and Lebanon joined the Syrians in these gathering where Secretary General of the Tunisian Unionist Democratic Union Party, Ahmed Al-Inoubli, said that what is taking place in Syria is a hopeless attempt by the West to undermine an important defender of the Arab rights.

He expressed confidence that Syria will remain the main support for the Resistance, adding that its steadfastness signals the emergence of new international order that eliminates the US-Zionist domination.

Political analyst Akram Mkanna said that Syria will come out stronger of the crisis and the Syrian people are determined to continue reform process and combat terrorism, underlining that restoring security and stability are important to achieve reforms.

In al-Hasaka, a youth group organized a national event at the President Square in the province to express appreciation to the role of the Syrian army in defending the homeland.

The participants chanted national songs, raising flags and banners that stress their rejection of foreign interference in their internal affairs and all schemes which aim at undermining Syria’s stability and dignity.

Sheikh Fayez al-Names called for adhering to the national unity against the conspirators whose plots failed to undermine the Syrians.

The participants condemned stances of some countries which called for arming the terrorist groups which kill and mutilate the Syrian people serving the Zionist dream in preserving the Israeli entity.

R. Raslan/ Mazen

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