Millions of Syrians Participate in Pro-Government Demonstrations


PROVINCES, (SANA)- In a national scene conveying a message to the whole world of the Syrian people’s commitment to national unity away from foreign interferences and dictates, millions of Syrians on Thursday streamed into the homeland’s streets and squares throughout the provinces in a global march for Syria.

Waving Syrian flags and banners with national slogans on them, the jubilant participants voiced rejection of foreign interference in the Syrian people’s internal affairs and support to the comprehensive reform program led by President Bashar al-Assad to build the renewed Syria.


The marchers’ slogans expressed denunciation of the antagonistic campaign and the conspiracy hatched against their homeland and led by some Arab parties, stressing adherence to their leadership and vowing to remain steadfast in defending Syria’s security and stability.

The reverberating echoes of pro-Syria and pro-leadership chants were heard all through the Umayyad square in Damascus, and Saba Bahrat Square in Deir Ezzor, Saadallah al-Jaberi Square in Aleppo, al-Mohafazeh Square in Lattakia and al-Raqqa, along the cornice in Tartous, the President Square in Hasaka, al-Baladieh in Misyaf, the main street of Salhab, the Post roundabout in Daraa and the neighborhoods of al-Zahra, al-Nuzha, al-Hadara and al-Sheirat in Homs.

The tens of thousands of wavering Syrian flags reflected the Syrians’ awareness in confronting the pressures and foreign dictates that are aimed at undermining their homeland and its resistant and principled national and pan-Arab stances, and their choice of sticking to national unity and discarding all attempts at sowing sedition and the tendentious media misleading campaigns.

While condemning the criminal acts of the armed terrorist groups against the civilians, the security and army forces and the public and private properties, the cheering marchers applauded the Syrian Arab Arm’s sacrifices for the sake of preservingSyria’s stability, security and pride.

The Syrians expressed appreciation of Russia, China and other friendly countries for their stances in support of Syria against the conspiracy, denouncing the irresponsible resolutions of the Arab League, which they said has turned into a tool to implement foreign agendas aimed at fragmenting the region and controlling its resources.





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