On Nowruz Day, Kurds Affirm They Are Part of Syrian Society


ALEPPO, (SANA)-The National Initiative for the Syrian Kurds on Tuesday held its annual festival at Sky Rose Hall in Aleppo celebrating al-Nowruz ( Spring ) occasion, with participation of popular, civil and official activities in Aleppo.

“The Syrian Kurds, as other national constituents, have foiled all wagers, showed high national awareness and sense to become a real defender of the Homeland,” Chairman of the Initiative Omar Ossi said, referring to the hostile powers’ bids to exploit the Kurdish file within their hostile agendas.

He pointed out to the role of the US-backed Zionism and their tools represented by Al Saud, Al Thani, Turkey and its war against the Kurds in safe regions, preventing them from celebrating the Nowruz Day.

He added that the Kurds will engage, along with their partners in the Homeland, in the national political life to build the features of modern Syria that will consolidate the basic principles of the Syrian people’s rights.

The festival included a lot of shows, songs, folkloric dances that reflected the Syrian people’s civilization and history.


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