Change Comes to Rural Ecuador


Changes have been made in rural areas in Ecuador. The revolution carried out by President Rafael Correa has brought important transformations which benefit farmers of the country.

The social programs implemented during the last 5 years have reduced poverty to 7 percent in the rural areas, and to 12 percent among the farmers.

Fausto Dután, leader of the Rural Social Security, said that never before have farmers deserved so many services from the State.

Farmers have benefited from the changes implemented by authorities in the fields of health and education as part of the “Good Living” policy.

The services of the National Insurance currently support 1 million 21 thousand members who are granted considerable resources and medical services.

During the term of president Rafael Correa, dental medical equipment was improved to offer assistance to the members of the Rural Social Security, the medical staff was stabilized, medical clinics were restructured, and pensions for retired people were increased.

If school enrollment increased in the whole country, it was bigger in rural areas where it went from 88 percent to 92 percent in four years.

Authorities have supported these already forgotten regions, where the poorest sectors of the population live. On this basis, the National Program of Leguminous Plants and Andean Grains was initiated by President Correa. This project’s main purpose is to give farmers a greater amount of good quality seeds during the required season.

The initiative is a solution to the climatic risk problem in agricultural areas, where the poorest farmers live, and plant three times in the same place due to bad weather, such as rain, frost or hailstorms.

As President Correa affirmed, it is necessary to intensify the Citizen Revolution in several aspects, such as the Agrarian Reform, which is a debt with the farmers that will represent the leasing of land, access to bank loans and to greater incomes for small farmers.

There is still a long path ahead, but we can touch the concrete results in different spheres during these five years of change and transformation, which have meant the re-birth of a more just, equal and inclusive Ecuador.


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