Global March to Jerusalem Celebrated in Damascus

Oratorical Festival on Land Day Anniversary in Damascus


DAMASCUS, (SANA) – With the participation of crowds of Syrians in addition to representatives of Syrian, Palestinian, Arab and international sides, the activities of the Global March to al-Quds started on Friday in Damascus.

In an open message to the participants, Archbishop Atallah Hanna, Archbishop of Sebaste Roman Orthodox in Jerusalem said that the 36th Anniversary of the Land Day is distinguished by loyalty to al-Quds, which is suffering the most heinous operation aimed at Judaizing the lands and holy sites.

He added that the Land Day of this year doesn’t focus only on the suffering of the Palestinian people, but also on the suffering of Syria in the face of plots and conspirators.

For his part, Head of the Preparatory Committee of the Global March to al- Quds, Khaled Abdul-Majeed, said that the importance of the march is embodied by its taking place in Damascus, because the Syrians took to squares despite the crisis in the country.

He stressed that the conspiracy against Syria targets the resistance which achieved victories against Israel in South Lebanon and Gaza Strip.

The Palestinians commemorate the Land Day on 30th of March every year. On March, 30th 1976, the Palestinian people began a strike in condemnation of the confiscation of thousands acres of Palestinian lands by the Israeli occupation forces.

Oratorical Festival Held in Damascus on Occasion of Land Day

The Syrian Arab Committee for Supporting the Palestinian People and Resisting the Zionist Project and the Syrian-Palestinian Preparatory Committee for Global March to al-Quds organized on Friday an oratorical festival on occasion of the 36th anniversary of Land Day at Dar al-Baath in Damascus.

In speeches at the festival, member of the National Progressive Front’s Central Leaderhsip and Secretary General of al-Ahed National Party Ghassan Abdelaziz Othman said that Syria has always supported the resistance and the Palestinian people’s historic right to their land and their right to defend them, stressing that the celebration of Land Day in Syria and launching the Global March to al-Quds stem from the Syrians’ belief in the symbolism of this day.

He said that holding the Global March on and Day shows the rejection of Arab and friendly people of the Israeli transgressions against al-Aqsa Mosque and all of Israel’s racist Judaizaiton policies.

Othman said that Palestine is still every Syrian’s cause despite the conspiracies and ingratitude of some Arabs and Palestinian factions, affirming that Syria will remain committed to the obligations it made towards Palestine, its people and the resistance.

In turn, member of al-Baath Party Regional Leadership Shahnaz Fakoush said that Syria is paying the price of its insistence to liberate the occupied Arab lands and supporting the resistance, stressing that Israel is being supported by organizations that claim to support restoring rights while using double standards, and that that Israel seeks to Judaize the land in occupied Palestine in violations of all international accords.

She saluted the Palestinian people’s struggle to liberate their occupied land, affirming that the Palestinians will be victorious and that the conspiracy against Syria has failed.

For his part, Ahmad Jebril, Secretary General of the Popular Front for Liberating Palestine – the General Leadership, said that6 Syria is being punished for supporting the resistance, Arab rights and the Palestinian people, and that the rulers of the Arab Gulf and the US don’t want reform in Syria but rather seek to sow the seeds of sectarian strife.

He said that the failure of the US project in Iraq and Afghanistan will open the roads among Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine, signaling the end of the US Middle East project, affirming that the liberation of Palestine requires uniting the efforts of the Arab and Islamic nations and all the free people of the world.

In turn, Archbishop of the Sebaste Greek Orthodox in Jerusalem Atallah Hanna said in a televised speech that this festival shows that Syria will remain the first defender of the Palestinian cause, affirming that Damascus has always supported Arab causes and defended them.

He saluted the Syrian people and leadership for standing up to the conspiracy against their country and rejecting all forms of foreign interference which seek to realize racist projects aiming to fragment the nation and the Arab people.

“True democracy is made by the Syrian people themselves,” he stressed, saying that Syria’s unity and victory over the crisis will strengthen Palestine and its cause along with the entire Arab nation.

For his part, Mufti of Damascus sheikh Bashir Eid al-Bari said that Palestine is the home of Arabism and Islam, and that Palestine is the core of the Arab and Islamic nations, saluting the Palestinians who continue to struggle against the Israeli occupier, growing ever more resilient and committed to goal of liberating their lands and holy places.

Greek Orthodox Patriarchal Assistant, Archbishop Mousa al-Khouri, said that Land Day is an occasion for renewing vows to meet in Palestine’s eternal capital Jerusalem, noting that the whole world wants to forget that Palestine is a sacred land, especially to Eastern Christians to whom it is the birthplace of Christ.

“Our faith is unmoving in the fact that our Palestine will be restored to its people,” al-Khouri said, praying for the day of returning to Palestine to be very near.

M. Nassr/ H. Sabbagh


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