Legislative Election Campaign Begins in Syria

Prensa Latina

Damascus, Apr 8 (Prensa Latina) — The ongoing process of reforms in Syria continues despite the crisis, and the campaign for the May 7 legislative elections began this weekend in the country, where more than 14 million citizens are eligible to vote.

Posters, satirical signs with photos and slogans were seen on Saturday and Sunday in Damascus, as well as in the country’s other major cities, in posts, walls and traffic signs with photos of those who hope to hold one of the 250 seats in the People’s Assembly.

The particularity of this election is that of 250 seats being disputed, 127 should be occupied by workers and peasants, by virtue of a presidential decree.

The deputy interior minister for civil affairs, General Hasan Jalali, stated on Sunday that about 14,788,644 citizens are eligible to vote on May 7 in the first elections in Syria under the pluralist and multiparty precepts established by the new Constitution.

The president of the Supreme Election Committee (SEC), Khalaf al-Ezawi, said that 7,195 candidates had registered all over the country for the upcoming elections, including 2,632 who hold university degrees, and 710 women.

For the first time, the Al-Ba’ath Arab Socialist Party (BASP), which celebrated its 65th anniversary with mass demonstrations by activists and supporters on Saturday in major Syrian cities, will compete in the polls against new organizations that have emerged in the clamor of the process of reforms and amid the crisis.

The new parties so far approved since late January are the Solidarity Party, the al-Watan Party, the Syrian Democratic Party, the Al-Ansar Party, the Al- Talieh Democratic Party, the Democratic Arab Solidarity Party, the National Development Party, the National Youth Party and the National Youth Party for Justice and Development.

The BASP leads the current coalition of the National Progressive Front government in office for over 40 years.

In a public statement this week, the BASP reiterated its commitment to implementing the reforms fostered by President Bashar al-Assad and to participate actively in the democratic process.

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