Explosive Device Goes Off in Syrian Capital, Three Injured

Xinhua News Agency

DAMASCUS, April 24 (Xinhua) — An explosive device placed under a grey Mazda military pickup went off Tuesday morning in the heart of the Syrian capital Damascus, leaving one injured and two others traumatized, witnesses told Xinhua.
The car was driven by a soldier, who was slightly injured, while two others, who were riding a taxi when the blast occurred, were traumatized and sent to a nearby hospital.

The blast took place at the time-honored al-Marajeh square in the old Damascus area and caused damages to nearby buildings.

There has been no immediate word from officials about the incident, but preliminary speculations refer to an act of terrorism.

Policemen have been recently tipped off by residents in different parts of Damascus about discovering explosive devices attached underneath their cars.

A day earlier, an explosive device ripped through a suburban area of Damascus. The explosive was tossed in a garbage container at Yalda suburb south of Damascus by armed groups, and a passerby was killed when it went off, local media reported.

Another blast was heard late Monday in Sedi Mikdad area near Damascus, a pro-government news website reported, giving no further details.

The Syrian government accuses armed groups and extremists of being behind the unrest in Syria.

Officials have even stated that the rate of violence and sabotage acts have risen since the arrival of UN observers, who landed in Syria last week to monitor a tenuous cease-fire backed by the international community.


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