Russia Seeks Return of Hostages Held in Libya

Prensa Latina

Moscow, Apr 30 (Prensa Latina) Russia will do its best for the return home of two fellow countrymen held by an armed group in Libya and scheduled to be tried tomorrow in Tripoli, said Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Monday.

At the end of a meeting here with his Sudanese counterpart Ali Karti, Lavrov said he is holding intensive contacts with the new Libyan authorities for the return of Alexander Shedonov and Vladimir Dalgov, held since August , 2011.

Three Belarusians and 19-22 Ukrainians were also made prisoners at the time by the armed group Kakaa, which was not subordinated to the provisional government, emerged in the wake of armed conflict in Libya.

“We made efforts, so that after their detention they were taken to Tripoli, where there are institutions controlled by the provisional government imposed there in the wake of the NATO bombings.

Tomorrow there will be a third hearing of the trial against the above mentioned group of people, many of whom were accused of being snipers, though none of them were carrying a weapon and most of them were seniors citezens.

Meanwhile, Lavrov considered there are conditions for a solution to the dispute between Sudan and South Sudan in the wake of approval of a UN Security Council resolution with precise directions for the two parties in conflict.

The compliance with the document will lead to enter a phase of negotiations to curb tension between the parties, above all after one of the points, regarding the military pullout from the disputed Heglig region, is fulfilled.

Lavrov urged the parties to put an end to hostilities and leave behind warmongering rhetoric and the intervention in the internal affairs of the two countries, divided after South Sudan proclaimed its independence.

Local media noted that the United States backed the separation of Sudan and South Sudan and then and now supports the claim of South Sudan of its sovereignty over Heglig, where more than half of the crude of the country (some 115,000 barrels a day) is extracted.


3 thoughts on “Russia Seeks Return of Hostages Held in Libya

  1. This is a very important case and I am pleased to see Presna Latina covering the story.

    I have some additional background here and well as a letter of protest against the war on Libya written by some of those detained at the outset of NATO’s bombing campaign:

    It is my view that NATO wants these prisoners silenced so their testimony can never become widely known, exposing NATO and NTC crimes in Libya.

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