Ambassadors’ Wives Target Syrian First Lady in YouTube Attacks

Lilly Martin

The wives of two ambassadors to the United Nations have created a YouTube video which personally attacks and seeks to humiliate the wife of the President of Syria, Asma Assad. Who are these three women involved and why are women attacking women? It sounds like a “cat-fight’, which is usually based on petty jealousies and insecurities of the attackers. I have noticed this attack is also based on propaganda and ignorance by the two female attackers.

Asma al-Assad

Huberta von Voss Wittig is the wife of the German ambassador to the United Nations, Dr. Peter Wittig. Huberta is identified as a journalist and writer by internet sources. She may have written a book, “Portraits of Hope: Armenians in the Contemporay World”. If she had many Armenian friends who live inside Syria, they would have already told her that they do not share her misinformed and ignorant views of the violence inside Syria. I know many Armenians living inside Syria and they are all supportive of the actions of the President of Syria, Dr. Bashar Al Asad. In fact, Kasab, which is a wholly Armenian village, located on the Syrian-Turkish border, has been a victim of violence by armed terrorist groups, who are fighting the Syrian Arab Army.

However, Huberta, sitting safe in her New York City home, seems to think herself well informed on the violence which is inside Syria. I wonder how many times Huberta has traveled to Syria, how many friends she has here to keep her informed, and if she has ever been attacked by an armed terrorist? I have lived in Syria for twenty years, all my friends are scattered around Syria in various locations, and I have been attacked by armed terrorists in Syria.

Huberta should know that the German Navy, without German parliament mandate, had sent a spy ship to sit off the coast of Syria, with the express purpose of giving the terrorists inside Syria satellite information on troop movements of the Syrian Arab Army, in and around Homs. Huberta’s husband’s employer is involved in aiding the terrorists inside Syria. Huberta is pleading for the Syrian first lady to pressure her husband to stop attacking terrorists in Homs. Huberta is pleading for the Syrian first lady to assist the west in regime change. When my home was being attacked during the summer of 2011 by armed terrorists, it was only the Syrian Arab Army and the local police who came to fight for my life and my family’s protection. Of the many thousands who have died in Syrian since March 2011 the majority have been soldiers, police and national security officers. Men in uniform: doing their national duty, to save and protect innocent civilians from armed terrorists.

Sheila, Lady Lyall Grant, is the wife of Sir Mark Lyall Grant, the British ambassador to the United Nations. I wonder if she is wearing old clothes. Maybe Lady Lyall Grant likes to save her husband money and run around in tattered jeans she buys from a New York City second-hand shop. She certainly seems incensed that the first lady of Syria has been noticed as having good taste in clothes and represents the Syrian fashion industry well. Maybe Sheila would like to start a worldwide campaign to prevent first ladies from dressing well. Maybe she should start in London, not Syria.

Here is a list of some of the many positive things which Asma al Assad, the first lady of Syria, has done to help Syria in general and Syrian women in particular. For example:

1. Changing the national school uniforms worn from the militant army fatigues to royal blue, grey and pink fabrics.

2.Developing a micro-finance program for women in villages, who need help starting their own income producing project.

3. Changing the law which effect women in divorce: that they can keep custody of their young children much longer than the previous law stated.

4. Developing charitable organizations focused on youth and learning.

Huberta and Sheila have husbands who work at the United Nations, but these two women are apparently totally ignorant of the UN Charter’s article 51 which allows any President, and in this case President Assad in particular “inherent right of individual or collective self-defense if an armed attack occurs against a member of the United Nations”.

If armed terrorists arrive in London or Berlin, in the dead of night, having crossed borders illegally, and well funded and supplied with all the latest killing weapons, and intent on killing as many police, soldiers and civilians as possible, Huberta and Sheila would have us to believe that we must all welcome them with open arms and never try to fight back to save innocent lives. I certainly hope armed terrorists never arrive in London or Berlin because I have had to live through a year of daily killings, rapes, tortures and maiming of innocent people. It is the duty of President Bashar al Assad to defend the Syrian public from armed terrorist attacks.

Huberta and Sheila represent either the ignorance of two individuals who know nothing about the true source of violence inside Syria, or they represent two western women who are using their husband’s political positions to demand regime change in Syria.

Let us say that I hate Angela Merkel and David Cameron. Let us say my political views are dead set against everything those two leaders stand for. Should I then find funding for weapons and mercenary terrorists and begin a campaign of terror inside Britain and Germany? Or perhaps I should keep my money and weapons to myself and let the British and German public decide who they want as their leader. What gives Britain or Germany the right to impose regime change on 23 million Syrians?

Then we have that small minor detail of numbers. Of the 23 million Syrian citizens, about 75% are in support of President Bashar Al Asad. There are about 25% who are in opposition. Shall the “international community’ demand regime change when the majority of the citizens do not ask for regime change? Wouldn’t it make better sense to use peaceful methods to negotiate political changes inside Syria, which would eventually lead to greater freedom and democracy, and free, open elections?

Syria was once one party rule. Everything was the Ba’ath party only. If you were a communist, you went to jail. That has changed. There are now 10 registered parties, including the communist party. The nationwide municipal elections happened, without violence, and in free and open conditions. Next will be parliamentary elections. Once the totally new parliament sits there will be new laws and many changes, based on what the people want. The Syrian people have found their voice and are not afraid to use it. The new constitution was ratified by national election. There is no emergency law in Syria. Opposition, even armed opposition, was given amnesty (except in the case of murder). Protests were made legal, but must be registered, just like the laws in western countries covering demonstrations in public. The next Presidential election is 2014. Hopefully by then the new freedoms and democracies which have evolved here in Syria will have become entrenched and part of daily life.

Democracy does not have to come from bloodshed and destruction. It is possible to go from a political system of limited freedoms to a fully free and democratic nation without regime change, mass destruction and the slaughter of innocent civilians and soldiers. I am proud of the Syrian first lady Asma Al Asad. She is a positive role model for Syrian women and an educated and contributing member of Syrian society.


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