Twin Bombings Rock Damascus

Crimson Satellite: Annan Plan Shelters Terrorists, Syrian Army Must Restore Order

Death Toll of Thursday Damascus Twin Explosions Rises to 55 Martyrs, 372 Injured


DAMASCUS, (SANA) – The Interior Ministry said the death toll of Damascus twin terrorist blasts has risen to 55 martyrs, while 372 people were injured including civilians and army members.

“At 7.56 AM on Thursday of May 10th, 2012, in a time when the Syrian people head to work and children go to schools, in al-Qazaz crowded intersection at the southern ring-road in Damascus and near to a law enforcement center, the foreign-backed terrorist groups carried out two coinciding terrorist explosions with a less than moment time-lag,” the statement issued by the Ministry on Thursday said.

” Two booby-trapped cars loaded with more than 1000 kg of explosives and driven by suicide bombers carried out the terrorist blasts,” the statement said.

“The explosions caused two holes, one is 5.5 meters long, 3.30 meters wide and 1 meter deep and the other is 8.5 meters wide and 2.5 meters deep,” the statement added.

The statement pointed out that fifteen bags of limbs and turn-off bodies for unidentified people were collected, pointing out that 105 cars crashed completely, in addition to 78 damaged automobiles in the blasts .

“Huge material damages to public and private properties were caused due to the explosions,” the statement added.

The statement underlined that the Ministry will chase the terrorist criminals and those who aid and lodge them, as it will not be tolerant in tracking terrorism or uprooting those who destabilize the security of the Syrian community.

The Ministry called upon the citizens to practice their role and cooperate with the competent authorities through informing about any suspicious cases and reporting about the activities of the terrorists.

Earlier, twin terrorist explosions hit Damascus on Thursday morning near al-Qazaz crowded intersection at the southern ring-road .

The explosions took place at a densely populated area as they coincided with the employees and students going to their jobs and schools.

The UN observers team inspected the site of the two terrorist attacks.

Syria: Damascus bombings toll rises to 55

Zee News

Damascus: At least 55 people were killed and more than 370, including military personnel, were wounded on Thursday when two suicide bombers triggered massive blasts in the Syrian capital, the Interior Ministry said.

The deafening explosions took place around 7.50 am in an area that houses a military intelligence complex, Xinhua reported.

The suicide bombers riding booby-trapped vehicles detonated themselves, ripping off the facade of the compound and leaving twisted debris and burnt civilian cars. Around 1,000 kg of explosives were used in the bombing.

The bombers targeted the military intelligence complex located near the intersection of al-Qazzaz area at al-Mutahaleq al-Janoubi highway that connects al-Mazzeh and Jaramana districts.

Sources told Xinhua the two suicide bombers detonated themselves in front of the Palestine branch of the military intelligence complex.

Another report said the attack occurred soon after a convoy of the UN Supervision Mission in Syria (UNSMIS) crossed a Syrian military checkpoint. There were no casualties among UN officials or damage to UN vehicles, but 10 Syrian soldiers were injured.

The UNSMIS was founded by the UN Security Council in April to monitor a ceasefire in Syria and support the implementation of a peace plan proposed by UN special envoy Kofi Annan.

The Interior Ministry said there were 15 bags of unidentified human parts.

Ambulance workers used blankets and stretchers to carry bodies into vehicles.

Woman and children in the streets screamed out of fear, while passing cars raced out fearing the occurrence of a third explosion.

Wailing sirens reverberated across the capital as Syrian security forces beefed up presence.

The head of the UN Observers’ mission, Major General Robert Modd, said the blast is “horrible”.

He said “terrorism doesn’t pose a solution to the Syrian crisis”.

The twin blasts is the latest in a string of bombings that have targeted dozens of military and security compounds across the country.

The latest major attack occurred in April, when a suicide bomber detonated himself near a security forces bus, killing nine of them. The Syrian government blamed previous attacks on al Qaeda.

According to the UN, more than 9,000 people have been killed in Syria since the outbreak of a popular uprising against President Bashar al-Assad in March 2011.

Damascus blasts: 55 dead, 372 injured

al Bawaba

The two car bomb attacks that hit Damascus on Thursday killed 55 people and injured 372, civilians and soldiers, according to the Syrian Ministry of Interior. “The two attacks that took place at one minute intervals are suicide attacks using car bombs, and left 55 dead and 372 wounded civilians and soldiers, “said the Syrian Ministry of Interior, stating that the explosives weighed “more than 1,000 kg”.

Both attacks targeted an intelligence center in the Syrian capital, struck in recent months by a series of deadly attacks. The last fatal attack in Damascus dates back to April 27. Eleven people were then killed then in a suicide bombing attack near a mosque. The regime and the opposition have accused each other for responsibility for “the most violent attack” in Syria since the beginning of the popular revolt in March 2011.

The attacks with car bombs, were committed by “terrorists” on the highway south of Damascus, in the Qazzaz area, “when people went to their work and students to the school,” reported the Syrian TV, adding that most of the victims were civilians.

Columns of smoke, destroyed cars and body parts were seen in the area of the blasts.

On his part, UN Special Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan condemned the twin bombings in Damascus. In his statement, Annan called for ending all forms of violence and protecting civilians. “These abhorrent acts are unacceptable and the violence in Syria must stop.”

“Any action that serves to escalate tensions and raise the level of violence can only be counter-productive to the interests of all parties,” the former UN chief added.


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