Syrians In Support of Their Government Gathered to Protest Terrorist Attacks

Prensa Latina

Damascus, May 13 (Prensa Latina) — Enraged citizens filled squares and public spaces of the capital on Sunday rejecting the actions of armed groups, which they describe as terrorists in their protests.

Syria is experiencing tense calm following Thursday’s attacks that caused over 55 deaths and wounded several hundred.

This Sunday afternoon, several hundreds of people gathered in front of the old train station in the center of this city to shout slogans condemning these episodes of violence, which in their opinion are encouraged and supported from outside.

Amid shouts and songs of support for President Bashar al-Assad, the sit-in is just a sample of what is happening in other parts of the capital and the interior, where the population rejects acts of violence and calls for a civilized solution that allow them to live in peace.

According to Prensa Latina, in various parts of the city people feel affected by the tragedy and a few speak of sheltering women and children from the possible actions of these groups.

Amid growing outrage, some families prepare conditions for moving to other countries, despite the efforts of the authorities to curb acts of violence.

Syrians consulted by Prensa Latina indicated that to some extent, they understand the government’s reasons for not responding with all means available to extremist organizations — to avoid increasing the media campaign of lies against the country and they do not want to give justifications for external intervention.

However, much of the population thinks that patience is exhausted and are asking for a tough hand on terrorism.


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