DPRK Foreign Minister Calls for Boosting Role of NAM


Pyongyang, May 11 (KCNA) — DPRK Foreign Minister Pak Ui Chun Wednesday referred to the increased role of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) at the ministerial meeting of non-aligned countries in Egypt.

The historic cause of NAM has not yet been accomplished despite the flow of time and the alternation of generations and the struggle to realize the idea and objective of NAM is going on, he said, calling upon the meeting to pay attention to the following issues of further increasing NAM’s role in view of the present situation:

First, NAM should boost unity and solidarity in the struggle to protect the sovereignty of its member states.
The U.S. and other western countries are persisting in infringing upon the sovereignty of other countries or posing threat to them under the pretexts of “anti-terrorism”, “humanitarianism”, etc. All the member states of NAM are victims of those acts.

It is necessary for NAM to take measures against all sorts of aggression and interference and sanctions and pressure aimed at regime change of NAM member states, guided by the idea of NAM founding opposed to foreign aggression and interference.

Second, it is necessary to take more practical joint actions to protect NAM’s interests in the international arena.
NAM should give priority to its measures for settling the issues facing its member states and major international issues on the principle of collective actions laid down in the Havana Declaration and Sharm el-Sheikh Declaration adopted at the NAM Summits.

For the present, NAM should overcome differences and steadily expand the sphere of common points and joint actions so that it may raise its voices in the international arena. What is important is for NAM to pay attention to protecting the collective interests of the NAM member states and observing the principle of impartiality, objectivity and equality at the UN.

The DPRK government will invariably adhere to NAM’s principle pursuant to the idea of its foreign policy– independence, friendship and peace– and make a positive contribution to the development of NAM.


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