Syria’s Statement to Non-Aligned Movement


Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, (SANA) – Syria stressed, in the Ministerial Meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement, its resolve to protect the Syrian people, disarm the terrorists and seek a political solution to the crisis.

Ambassador Tammam Sulaiman, Director of the International Organizations and Conferences Directorate at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry and head of the Syrian delegation delivered Syria’s statement to the meeting.

The statement pointed out the need to define terrorism, adding that “terrorism is governed by mysterious standards, sometimes we hesitate in supporting the just right of resisting foreign occupation as we could be accused of supporting terrorism and, at the same time, the terrorist groups are benefitting from this state of chaos.”

Sulaiman added that some countries are interfering in the region’s events and trying to ignite sedition and chaos under the pretext of ‘humanitarian intervention’ while Israel continue ignoring the resolutions of the international community by occupying Arab lands in Palestine, Syria and South Lebanon.

He pointed out that political reforms are needed in all countries, but there are some sides that try to exploit the calls of political reforms to topple regimes by exploiting innocent people.

Sulaiman underscored that some countries liked the principle of foreign interference and want to make it a new international tactic under the pretext of humanitarian intervention, adding that when they fail in this, they wage political and media escalation and fund terrorism through arming terrorist groups.

“Syria has been suffering a terrorist campaign since March 2011. It started with innocent mottos demanding peaceful demonstration, and the government undertook a set of reforms launched by President Bashar al-Assad. These reforms led to the start of a new stage in the history of the Syrian people,” he said.

Sulaiman stressed that what is happening in Syria isn’t a ‘revolution’ as some sides desperately try to call it, adding that what Syria is facing is the worst terrorist campaign backed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, France and the USA.

He added that these sides are publically calling for supporting, arming and funding the armed terrorist groups in Syria, stressing that the unity and cohesion of the Syrian people after more than a year of the terrorist attacks and crimes clearly indicate that the Syrians reject the external plot.

“The armed terrorist groups continue their acts to undermine the country’s economy and institutions with the presence of a misleading and provocative media campaign and billions of dollars allocated by the aforementioned countries to spread terrorism,” the statement said.

Sulaiman said that Syria provided the UN institutions with accurate statistics on the number of victims of the terrorism in the current crisis, adding that the armed terrorist groups are mutilating the corpses of the victims before handing them over or discarding them.

He asked “Is this the freedom these terrorists are calling for while bragging and boasting over the support they have from KSA, Qatar, Turkey and Israel?”

He pointed out that the KSA, whose people don’t have the basic human rights and which doesn’t allow the media outlets to enter the country to see the massacres it is committing against its people, can’t talk about democracy and reforms.

He added that Qatar, whose officials visit Israel and which arrests figures of the Qatari opposition, can’t talk about supporting the rights of the peoples.

“Syria received the UN Special Envoy, Kofi Annan, and agreed to host a team of UN observers because it is keen on reaching a political solution to the crisis and stopping the crimes of the terrorist groups,” he highlighted.

He stressed that Syria will continue protecting the Syrian people and will fight terrorists and continue exerting efforts with the aim of reaching a political solution to the crisis via a political dialogue among all spectrums of the Syrian people.

He said that the reason for this media, terrorist and political war is Syria’s support to the causes of the Arab people and its firm stance in supporting the honest resistance movements against the Israeli occupation, stressing that Syria will not shift its policy.

Sulaiman concluded by thanking the members of the movement for supporting Syria’s right in resorting the occupied Syrian Golan.

M. Nassr/ H. Sabbagh


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