Civilians Injured in Deir Ezzor Attack: Terrorism Won’t Weaken Us


DEIR EZZOR, (SANA) — Citizens injured in the terrorist bombing that hit Ghazi Ayash Masaken in Deir Ezzor on Saturday expressed denunciation of the attack, describing it as an act of cowardice aimed at destabilizing Syria.

Basman Hassan al-Hassan, an injured civilian, said “When I was having my breakfast with my family, we heard the sound of an explosion that smashed parts of the house and tumbled furniture. I was injured in the head and my brother Ahmad was injured in his left foot.”

Qusia Baa’j, father of an injured child, called for striking with an iron fist those who are involved in supporting or funding terrorist acts against the Syrian people.

Salwa Ayyash, an injured person, said that Syria will come out stronger from the crisis despite all the terrorist acts against the Syrian people, blasting the Gulf emirs who are backing the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

The injured civilian Adnan Shater al-Ali said ”Such terrorist acts will backfire on their masterminds and perpetrators. We are determined not to bow to those criminals.”


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