Syria’s Newly Elected People’s Assembly to Convene on Thursday


DAMASCUS, (SANA) — The People’s Assembly is to convene on Thursday for the first time in the first legislative term for 2012 according to Decree No. 172 for 2012 and based on Article 64 of the Syrian Constitution approved last February.

According to Paragraph 2 of Article 64 of the Constitution and the Assembly’s statute, the Assembly, which is to be headed at its first meeting by the eldest attending member, with the youngest two members undertaking the secretariat, elect the Speaker and members of the Assembly’s Office by secret ballot.

The Assembly’s members are to be sworn in at the first meeting of the newly elected Assembly.

The People’s Assembly elections were conducted on May 7th, 2012 under the new constitution and the General Elections law and with independent judicial supervision represented by the Higher Committee for Elections and judicial subcommittees.

250 members were elected out of 7195 candidates from all spectrums of society. The vote percentage reached 51.26 out of 5186957 voters. The Number of elected women amounted to 30 and the number of members elected for the first time reached 209.

The parliamentary elections included the participation of the political forces and blocs, licensed parties and independent personalities, individually or joined in lists of party and political alliances under media coverage of about 200 Arab and foreign media outlets.

The People’s Assembly is elected every four years. It consists of 250 members according to Decree 113 for 2012, 172 of whom represent the workers and farmers sector, while the other 123 members represent the rest of the sectors.

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