NATO and EU Preparing for Bloodshed in Syria

Greece: SYRIZA Hailed Hollande’s Election to Imperial Presidency

The Press Office of the CC of the KKE stressed the following in its statement regarding the declarations of F. Hollande concerning Syria:

“The declarations of the newly elected President of France, Francois Hollande, which are now openly oriented to the possibility of military intervention in Syria, are very revealing regarding the new massacre of the peoples being prepared by the EU and NATO in our region.

His references to International Law and the UN are being used as “cover” to impose “the law of the strongest” in the “jungle” of contradictions amongst the imperialist powers and the monopoly groups over the control of the energy resources, their transport routes, and the market shares.

All those, including SYRIZA, who said that with the election of Hollande a new wind was blowing in the EU and sowed illusions that the EU will become “pro-people” have been exposed and must answer for this to the people. Life itself has demonstrated that the imperialist organizations, like NATO and the EU, cannot be “humanized”. They were, are and will be for as long as they exist, instruments for the exploitation of the peoples, like capitalism they have war in their DNA.

The KKE denounces the new imperialist plans against the people of Syria and stresses that only the people of Syria have the right to determine the future of their country without foreign recommendations and interventions.

We demand that all military cooperation with Israel should now come to an end. That the US base at Suda should close and more generally that none of Greece’s territory, ports and airspace should be made available for an imperialist intervention against Syria and Iran, which will lead the people of Greece and the other peoples of the region along dangerous paths.”



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