Cuba Rejects Military Aggression Against Syria


Cuba supports the search for a peaceful solution to the current situation in Syria, with full respect for its sovereignty and independence. It is up to the Syrian people, along with their authorities, to identify the means and ways to attend to and implement the people’s will, said Cuba’s permanent representative Rodolfo Reyes at the 19th Special Session of the UN Security Council, held June 1 in Geneva.

Cuba is closely following the situation in Syria and its international repercussion, aware that available information is mostly partial, inaccurate and frequently manipulated, said Reyes at the session titled “Deterioration of the Human Rights Situation in the Arab Republic of Syria and the recent Killing in Houla.”

The Cuban diplomat reiterated his country’s rejection of any attempt to undermine Syria’s territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty and condemned intentions by the United States and other members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to impose regime change in Syria.

“We are alert to increasing actions aimed at fabricating pretexts for a military aggression,” he pointed out.

The Cuban representative said his county expresses its solidarity to the victims and relatives of the recent killing in the locality of Houla, and alerted that a civil war in Syria or a foreign military intervention would lead to larger destruction and the multiplication of death, while destabilizing the region with serious consequence for Middle East nations.
International cooperation based on the principles of objectivity, impartiality and non-selectivity is the only way to effectively promote and protect human rights, said the Cuban representative, who said that the investigation into the Houla killing must be serious, transparent and unbiased without any political motivations.

The role of the international community is that of supporting all efforts that contribute to safeguarding peace and stability in Syria, the Cuban diplomat concluded.


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