S. Korea Urged to Answer Questions about “Forces Following North”


Pyongyang, June 11 — The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea issued on Monday an open questionnaire demanding the south Korean authorities and the “Saenuri Party” give clear answers in the world’s eyes to the questions about the on-going unprecedented hysteria calling for “eliminating the forces following the north.”

Dismissing the south Korean puppet conservative group’s racket as despicable politically-motivated terrorism against the patriotic forces for reunification and progressive and pro-reform forces and another serious provocation against the DPRK, the open questionnaire noted:

1. Why should those who call for achieving reconciliation, unity, peace and reunification by the concerted efforts of Koreans in line with the inter-Korean declarations be labeled “forces following the north”?

National reunification does not allow classifying Koreans into forces following the north or the south as it is a national cause to be carried out by all Koreans in the north and the south as a driving force.

Is the group going to discuss the issue of national reunification with outside forces, if it is not willing to join hands with compatriots?

2. If those who had contacts with the DPRK and discussed reunification with it should be branded as “forces following the north”, how should one call the successive rulers in south Korea who sent a secret envoy to Pyongyang to have a clandestine contact with the DPRK and made donations to its holy places of revolution after touring them?

3. There are many persons who had private contacts with the DPRK in the present Chongwadae, the administration and the “Saenuri Party”. Do they have the face to talk about “forces following the north?”

As for Park Geun Hye, she visited Pyongyang in May, 2002 and was received by leader Kim Jong Il. Touring various parts of Pyongyang including the Tower of the Juche Idea and the Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace, she made not a few “remarks praising the north” and had an in-depth discussion on not only on the issue of north-south relations but on internal affairs of south Korea.

If all what Jong Mong Jun, Kim Mun Su and others said during their visits to Pyongyang is opened to public, it will just stun all south Koreans.

The DPRK can make public all what the former and incumbent authorities and “lawmakers” of the south side did and all places they went and all remarks they made while visiting Pyongyang, if necessary. How can they respond to all the disclosures?

4. It is the forces following the U.S., not those following the north, that pose a serious problem in south Korea, isn’t it?

The forces following the U.S. have sold off the interests of the nation lock, stock and barrel and zealously followed their master’s moves for confrontation and war, bringing unspeakable misfortune and pain to the nation.

The puppet group is set even to pave the way for Japan’s reinvasion of Korea though it is the sworn enemy of the nation, not content with toeing the U.S. line.

Does it have anything to say about this?

5. Does not its racket for “eliminating the forces following the north” mean antagonizing and rejecting fellow countrymen?

Whom does the group want to negotiate with over the issue of the north-south relations and what does it want to solve after declaring fellow countrymen in the north as “enemy” and totally negating them?

Park Geun Hye and the “Saenuri Party” are taking the lead in the racket for “eliminating the forces following the north”. Does not it mean it would opt for a worse policy for confrontation against reunification than the Lee Myung Bak regime once it comes to power?

The “Saenuri Party” should clarify its stand on it.

6. Is not the racket for “eliminating the forces following the north” hideous human rights abuses?

Why should those who spoke truth about the north and discussed reunification with fellow countrymen in the north be incriminated?

Even “lawmakers” were labeled “forces following the north” and became targets of “witch hunting” for the mere reason that they differed with the conservative group in ideology. Can there be more hideous human rights abuses than those acts?

7. Is not the true aim of the racket for “eliminating the forces following the north” to create a sense of crisis in south Korea in a bid to stifle progressive and pro-reform and reunification and patriotic forces. Isn’t it the ulterior motive to kick up a whirlwind of coloring operation in an effort to turn the situation ahead of “the presidential election” favorable to the conservatives for their stay in power?
If the “forces following the north” are truly fearful and horrifying, is the present south Korean regime a scarecrow?

If south Korea is so weak as to collapse right now even under the iron-fist rule of the fascist dictator backed by the U.S., the Lee group had better step down and disappear from the arena of history before it is too late, as demanded by the people.

These are the solemn questions put by the nation which the puppet group of traitors has to answer before facing a judgment of history.


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