AU Summit Switch Only Furthers Imperialism


Malawi and the African Union have debased themselves in relocating the July summit of the AU from its scheduled venue in Malawi to Ethiopia after the US, UK and, among other neocolonial powers, France, threatened President Joyce Banda of Malawi with an aid freeze if she allows President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan to attend.

Malawi’s u-turn on the International Criminal Court’s warrant for the arrest of Sudanese tyrant al-Bashir is baffling, given that this is not a country well known for its own human rights record. This is the very state which appended its signature to the 2009 Sirte decision of the AU requiring its member governments to disregard the ICC order for Bashir’s arrest and handover to The Hague.

Malawi is the same country whose police gunned down about 20 unarmed opposition protesters in broad daylight a year ago or so. The purpose for the cancellation of the meeting’s location was purely to comply with neo-colonial demands in exchange for American and European aid handouts. In accordance with the AU exemption document Malawi signed in 2009 at Sirte in Libya, Sudan’s Bashir is entitled to travel to all signatory states without being arrested. In fact, he attended a regional meeting in Malawi itself last year and returned to Sudan a free person.

As opposed to caving in to the neo-colonial pressure on Malawi, the AU ought to have insisted that Lilongwe honours its obligations in the document it signed in 2009, exempting Bashir from arrest. The cancellation of the venue for the July summit has further undermined and eroded the authority and credibility of the continental organisation. By no means am I advocating impunity for Omar al-Bashir.

I am only saying this selective application of international law is repugnant to the principle of equal justice for all and Africa has no business facilitating the furtherance of neo-colonial interests on its soil. Unless and until the West’s own Omar al-Bashirs are behind bars, Sudan’s Bashir has the same right to be left alone as George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and, among other American and European war criminals like Tony Blair. Selective justice is worse than no justice at all.

What Joyce Banda has done in Malawi in cancelling the AU summit, pandering to imperialist interests, is the epitome of African dictators being in the service of imperialists to conquer Africa from within, through its own. By proxy from within, the neo-colonial powers have successfully staged the second scramble for Africa without physically occupying a single square inch of African soil.

A good example of the re-colonisation of Africa from within is the proxy war presidents Yoweri Museveni and Mwai Kibaki are fighting in Somalia for the US, which has provoked al-Shabab to retaliate against and slaughter innocent and defenceless Ugandans and Kenyans on their own soil. Museveni and Kibaki’s proxy war in Somalia for their Euro-American masters is not about Ugandan and Kenyan interests. It is a war designed by the US to use African regimes to fight America’s so-called ‘war on terror’ and stop the Horn of Africa becoming the base for al-Qaeda in Africa.

Museveni and Kibaki have thus only rendered Uganda and Kenya terrorist targets. If there is a lesson to learn from the August 1998 US embassy bombings in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, it is that these regimes cannot defend their own citizens against terrorism in the absence of the US in the long term. My hunch tells me that Boko Haram in Nigeria and al-Shabab in Somalia, Kenya and Uganda are your leads to the direction of the hell which awaits innocent Africans down the road as a result of the neo-colonial complicity of their own bootlicking regimes.

My primary concern is that the next 9/11 will not take place in the US or any other Western country, but on African soil with dire consequences. As African dictators lick the neo-colonial boots, defenceless Africans are the ones to pay the ultimate price at the end of the day. It should be up to the US to go to Somalia and fight its own war on terror, al-Qaeda and al-Shabab. Leave Uganda, Kenya and the rest of Africa out of it for the long-term security of Africans.

For their own security, Kenya and Uganda must quit serving as regional mercenaries for the US which will not be there to protect and defend them forever.


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