Shafiq Spokesperson: Brotherhood Seeks Victory by Imposing Fait Accompli

Aswat Masriya

Ahmed Shafiq’s media spokesman criticized Mohamed Mursi’s campaign’s announcement that Mursi won Egypt’s presidency based on preliminary results.

“Elections cannot be won by imposing a fait accompli as the Muslim Brotherhood did,” Ahmed Sarhan, media spokesman of Shafiq’s campaign, stated.

Mursi’s campaign announced late on Sunday that their candidate won with around 13,230,177 votes after sorting 99.9 percent of all votes.

The Supreme Presidential Elections Commission (SPEC) will announce official results next Thursday.

“The actions of Mursi and the brotherhood are irresponsible,” Sarhan wrote on Twitter.

“Announcing that Mursi won and getting brotherhood supporters on the streets is an absurd, irresponsible action that aims at fueling clashes between Egyptians when official results declare Shafiq to be the winner,” Sarhan added.

The SPEC is not responsible for any announcements of results and sorting votes still continues, Sarhan quoted Amr Salama, spokesperson of the SPEC, as saying.

The brotherhood aims at trading the dissolved parliament for Mursi’s presidency “in a stark defiance of the presidential elections commission’s authority and the will of the people who want the truth,” Sarhan said.


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