Integration: Strategic Objective of the Peoples of Our America

René Tamayo

At the close of the 18th Sao Paulo Forum, a member of the Secretariat of Central Committee of Communist Party of Cuba, Jose Ramon Balaguer Cabrera, called for strengthening the unity of the progressive and leftist forces in the region, and the solidarity and support for the Bolivarian Revolution and President Hugo Chavez

CARACAS – The main strategic objective of the peoples of our America must be working for integration, said the member of the Secretariat of Central Committee of Communist Party of Cuba, Jose Ramon Balaguer Cabrera, during the closing session of the 18th Sao Paulo Forum, which was held here this week.

The Head of the International Relations Department of the Party, called for support for all revolutionary and progressive political processes in Latin America, whose progress he had described at the beginning of his speech, “as clear and encouraging.”

These successes, he said, are an expression of the capitalist economic crisis and the current geopolitical changes, as well as new political ideas and practices of the Left in the region.

The international political map shows an impressive force of revolutionary movements, he said in a speech applauded at length, as a demonstration, among the more than 600 representatives of participating parties and social movements, of the solidarity and inspiration Cuba is to the world.

Consolidating the achievements

The Cuban party leader also made an analysis of the challenges currently facing Latin America and the Caribbean, since despite progress, they have not yet been able to overcome the major structural inequalities and distortions that more than five hundred years of colonialism and neocolonialism have left,.

He stressed that despite the good macroeconomic performance over the last decade, there are still serious problems in the region, which may increase due to the crisis in the U.S., Europe and Japan, and the slowing down of some Asian economies is already beginning impact on the area, leading to increased unemployment and growing poverty.

Together with the international economic and financial problems, Balaguer said that the governments of the Left also face the task of the undermining of U.S. imperialism and local laws.

He warned that the U.S. will not desist from working to guarantee the economic, political and social hegemony in the region.

He noted that the efforts of the power groups in the northern country to “reverse the revolutionary processes, to strengthen their interests in the region, involve promoting the rise of a new Right, to contain the ascendancy of the countries of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples Americas (ALBA), and defeat the progressive and revolutionary experiences in Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador, Cuba.

He recalled the failed coup attempts in Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador, and coups perpetrated in Honduras first and now in Paraguay.

The U.S. has always had an imperialist vocation

Balaguer reiterated that the Communist Party of Cuba reaffirms that the events that occurred in Paraguay were meant to halt the process of progressive change and genuine Latin American and Caribbean integration.

This coup- he explained- joins the long list of attacks against our people, behind which is always the U.S.
“The ambiguous and undercover way with which the United States conducts its political and military offensive against Latin America does not contradict their imperialist vocation,” he said.

The Cuban leader said that the military bases in Colombia and Panama, the revival of the Fourth Fleet, supporting coups, high military budget, reaffirmed that Washington is rearticulating a hegemonic strategy for Latin America as part of their world dominance offensive.

The choice of the Americas, said the member of the Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee, remains imperial hegemony and re-colonization or true independence and social change.

Together with the Revolutions

Highlighting the thrust of the left in the region, Balaguer gave the example that “the strategy of isolating Cuba is on the wane; it is a failure, even in scenarios such as the OAS and the so-called Summit of the Americas “.

However, he noted that these days “will demonstrate as never before that organizations like the OAS do not represent the interests of our peoples”, so he added in another part of his speech, “in the coming years the progressive and revolutionary processes, united, will have to face great challenges.”

The Head of the International Relations Department said that currently an international imperialist alliance is being organized against Venezuela and the countries of ALBA.
Imperialism -he said- knows that Venezuela under Chavez’s leadership, is an incalculable spiritual and material reserve for the changes and the integration of Latin American peoples as well as an extraordinary banner of the international political and ideological struggles against imperialism and for of socialism.

“We must be alert,” he added, “to the subversive plans against the Bolivarian Revolution and to the pressures to undermine popular support for the countries of ALBA, which are the primary objective of U.S.”

Balaguer said that solidarity with the Venezuelan process must be vital, for which he called for international progressive and revolutionary coordination for the defense of the Bolivarian Revolution and its President Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias.


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