Peoples of the World for Venezuela: Argentinians Hold Rally for Hugo Chavez

The victory of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is a victory for Latin America. That’s what Argentina’s leftist groups have told Press TV during a rally in support of the Venezuelan leader’s re-election. The demonstrators have also said that they back the current process of regional integration against threats– mainly posed by imperialism.
Argentina’s leftist political movements and social organizations have joined Venezuela’s campaign group Carabobo Command in Buenos Aires to back President Hugo Chavez, seeking his third term in office on October 7th against right-wing candidate Henrique Capriles.

Marking the 229th birth anniversary of Venezuelan general Simon Bolivar -who played a key role in Latin America’s independence struggle from Spain – hundreds of activists rallied at the country’s national monument the Obelisk calling to defend what they consider a “revolutionary process” led by socialist leader Chavez in the region.

Chanting anti-imperialism protest songs, supporters welcomed Venezuela’s recent admission into South American trade block MERCOSUR and responded the condemnation from local opposition parties and industry sectors against Chavez’s state-centric moves, such as the nationalization of Matesi, Comsigua and Tavsa firms from Argentina’s steel giant Techint in 2009.

Despite criticism, administration of Argentine president Cristina Fernandez has significantly boosted strategic ties with Caracas over the past years. Earlier this week, both governments signed indeed an agreement fostering energy cooperation between state oil companies Venezuela’s PDVSA and Argentina’s YPF.

In Argentina’s capital, the political initiative to support Hugo Chavez’s reelection bid is supported under the slogan “Peoples of the World united for Venezuela”. It will also be followed by demonstrations in Europe and other Latin American nations such as Cuba, Ecuador and Bolivia.


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