Subversive Actions Against Cuba Exposed

USAID Sets Aside $75,000,000 to Overthrow Cuban Revolution

Cuban News Agency

In an editorial published on Tuesday under the title “Truth and Reason,” Granma daily newspaper exposes some of the most recent plans and actions aimed at subverting Cuban constitutional order, including similar purposes of a trip to Cuba by a Swedish and a Spanish citizen, who were involved in a car accident that was the target of manipulation against the island.

The editorial explains that since last July 22, over 900 press articles and 120 thousand social network messages have addressed the regrettable car accident that resulted in death of two so-called “Cuban dissidents”, while one Spanish and one Swedish citizen were injured.

Some of the most vociferous elements of the Miami-based mob accused Cuba of having committed a political assassination, the editorial reads and points to the US Republican candidate, the US State Department and the spokesperson of Chile’s President, as those within the slanderous handful of people who demanded what they called “a transparent investigation.”

A July 27 release by the Cuban Interior Ministry strongly countered the infamous insinuation by giving unquestionable testimonies of experts and eye witnesses, including the two foreigners involved in the accident.

But the in the large international media coverage of the events few asked what two European politicians were doing in Cuba, since the two foreigners involved in the action were Angel Carromero Barrios, deputy secretary general of “Nuevas Generaciones,” the youth wing of Spain’s “Partido Popular” and Swedish Jens Aron Modig, leader of Sweden’s Christian Democrats, and president of that party’s youth sector.

Both European politicians entered Cuban territory on July 19 on tourist visas and later, in violation of their migration status, got involved in political actions against Cuba’s constitutional order, as part of an operation organized by the head of the foreign affairs section of Sweden’s Christian Democrats party, Anikka Rigo, Granma explains.

Their objective was brining money to the small counterrevolutionary “Movimiento Cristiano de Liberacion” led by Oswaldo Paya, one of the two Cubans who died in the car accident, and advising the setting up of a youth organization linked to that group, the editorial noted.

With this purpose, Spanish Partido Popular deputy Pablo Casado Blanco, former advisor to ex-chief of the Spanish government, Jose Maria Aznar, gave instructions to the other visitor, Carromero, to contact Spanish citizen Cayetana Muriel in Sweden, also a member of the Christian Democrats, who gave him the money and the instructions, plus a cell phone programmed with all necessary numbers.  Carromero later contacted Modig on Facebook and met in a Madrid restaurant.

Modig had previously come to Cuba with the same purpose in 2009, under instructions of Victor Omedo Capdepon, leader of Sweden’s Christian Democrats Party and editor-in-chief of the Stockholm-based anti-Cuba magazine “La Primavera de Cuba.”

Having delivered the money and given advice on the creation of a youth organization, Modig and his three companions headed for eastern Santiago de Cuba on their subversive agenda, when the accident took place.

The two foreign citizens received consular advice. Spain’s Angel Carromero is being charged with homicide in the event of driving a vehicle on the public roads.  Modig was allowed to return to his country despite his illegal activities and the violation of his migration status.

The operation described above is one in many others, particularly organized in the US city of Miami and also in Madrid and Stockholm.

The Granma editorial also exposes other subversion-oriented actions like the visit to Cuba by eight Mexican youths, just days before Pope Benedict XVI arrived on the island.  The Mexicans, who came on tourist visas, tried to incite protests on the streets and the storming of churches, the distribution of counterrevolutionary leaflets and disorder in activities scheduled during the Papal visit.

Four Mexicans were arrested and they admitted to have been paid and trained by Orlando Gutierrez Boronat, from the Miami-based Directorio Democratico Cubano organization for propaganda operations.  They said the operation chief in Mexico was Rene Bolio Hollaran, former senator for the Partido de Accion Popular (PAN), with close links to the mafia based in the US state of Florida, the editorial explains.

Before the operation took place a Facebook site titled “Por el levantamiento popular en Cuba” (For the people’s uprising in Cuba) had been opened with 13 civil disobedience projects.

Other projects have been aimed at fabricating virtual “opposition” leaders by providing them with Internet access, PCs and other technical means, with the expressed political purposes.

The US Interest Section in Havana, with openly subversive objectives, provides these persons with illegal connections to the Internet, conspiracy-oriented courses in violation of national laws and the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Relations, the editorial reads.

The US Department of State and the US Agency for International Development (USAID) have received a 75-million-dollar budget to undertake subversive plans against Cuba, while other US and European agencies allocate funds with the same purposes, the editorial notes by citing their names.

During the 9th Session of the Cuban Parliament, President Raul Castro said that the United States continue with their effort to raise a fifth column on Cuban soil, and to use modern technology with subversive aims.


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