West in Syria: A Sickening Spectacle

Syrians in Aleppo rally in support of President Bashar al-Assad.

Morning Star

There is little more nauseating than the hypocritical voices of Western imperialism in full flow.

Thus Britain’s Foreign Office condemning the “crimes being committed against the Syrian people” by the government of Bashar al-Assad and the call to “support a peaceful and free future for Syria.”

Britain, like its foreign policy masters in the US Pentagon, is heavily involved in arming the self-styled Free Syrian Army across that country’s northern border with Turkey.

The idea that Ankara’s clerical government is some kind of free agent, arming the Syrian rebels on an Islamic whim, is nonsense.

Turkey has been a front-line Nato state for many decades, formerly threatening the Soviet Union with US-controlled nuclear missiles and now acting as a giant Western air-force base for bombing and invading troublesome Middle Eastern countries.

Turkey’s powerful armed forces are fully committed to this role and are freighting massive arms supplies to the FSA with the full complicity of Britain and the US.

All attempts by UN envoy Kofi Annan to broker a just and peaceful settlement in Syria have been sabotaged.

Western imperialist powers have been stoking an armed rebellion that is currently reducing Aleppo, Syria’s second city and just 50 miles from Turkey, to rubble.

As the population flees the fighting, perhaps they will pause to give thanks to Nato for their “liberation.”

At the same time, the FSA is showing signs of increasing Islamisation, including a pact on the ground with al-Qaida forces, which bodes ill for the Alawites and other Shia, not to mention for women, girls and Christians.

Yet Western spokespersons now lend unqualified support to this armed rebellion and compete to condemn the Syrian regime and military in the harshest terms for seeking to crush the rebels.

One wonders what the response would be in London or Washington DC to an armed rebellion in, say, Birmingham or Los Angeles, fuelled by hostile outside powers.

We know what the response would be in Saudi Arabia or Qatar, which are now among the champions of “a peaceful and free future for Syria.”

They crushed their rebels for religious freedom and democracy with tanks, torture and mass imprisonment.

Naturally, the voices of their Western arms suppliers – notably Britain – were a little muted on that occasion. As we said, nauseating.

Mitt Romney: Bigotry on show

Meanwhile, US presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has gone all the way to Tel Aviv to demonstrate how unfit he is to hold the world’s most powerful office.

He congratulated his Israeli hosts on the gulf between their living standards and those of the Palestinian people strangled by Israeli occupation for more than four decades.

Dim-witted arrogant bigots drew similar contrasts between the European settler and Afro-American slave populations in 18th and 19th century US. Indeed, some still do.

As might be expected from a prostitute for the US presidency, Romney promised Israel his full support for its continuing oppression of the Palestinians.

He had nothing to offer the latter, who don’t command many votes in US elections.

Where is the Western support for “a peaceful and free future” for them?


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