Lugo Suggests Forceful Struggle to Restore Democracy



The suggestion by the deposed Paraguayan president, Fernando Lugo, to unleash a truly forceful struggle to restore democracy appears to have introduced a new element in the current situation in this Guaraní nation.

Lugo, who was in Sao Paulo last night for a medical checkup and political meetings, offered a special analysis of the situation with an emphasis on the immediate future and on the international isolation that is already affecting the country economically.

“After returning from Sao Paulo, we will fix this democracy that was destroyed by the coupsters, who want to continue dismantling it, and we will struggle for a true democracy, with real force and conviction, as our country deserves,” he said.

He emphasized that the political trial against him on June 21 and 22, replete with judicial and political contradictions, is entirely responsible for the instability in Paraguay and the isolation the country is suffering internationally.

To the current government’s arguments against the Common Southern Market (Mercosur), he sad that the regional bloc had simply invoked the clause relating to democracy, solicited by Paraguay itself on behalf of the entire region in order to protect democracy.

In another part of his statement, he recalled that the parliamentary coup was staged to remove the constitutional president from his work with the social movements, aimed at citizen participation.

The coup was also aimed at impeding the unity of a sovereign and integrated Latin America.

Lugo was emphatic in his denunciations of the coup as benefiting a political bureaucracy and a small group of powerful economic sectors who want to concentrate the wealth for themselves on the backs of an impoverished and marginalized majority.

He blamed that political leadership for the international isolation and warned that their aggressive statements against the presidents of Mercosur and the international community would only isolate them even further, aggravating a situation that would be difficult to reverse even with the restoration of democracy.

Finally, he announced that he would devote himself to achieving this restoration, as well as proving himself open to seeking a peaceful solution in Paraguay.


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