Syria: Western Hypocrisy and Indian Opportunism

Dr. Sawraj Singh

Syria has been pushed into a tragic civil war. The western imperialist countries and their Arab lackeys are supportive of the extreme fanatic and dogmatic Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists to start a civil war so that it can pave the way for western aggression and intervention there. The western media has started to demonify Syrian President Bashar al-Assad because he allegedly has chemical weapons. This brings back tragic memories of the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The sinister and false claims by the western countries of the existence of weapons of mass destruction led to not only the murder of Saddam Hussein, his sons, and even his ten years old grandson, but no weapons of mass destruction were ever found in Iraq. Iraq, even today, is paying a heavy price for western aggression and intervention.

Why are western countries supporting the most extreme fanatic and dogmatic elements in Islam? Islam is the major religion of the third world. Today, it is the leading force which rejects consumerist capitalist culture. Islam considers modern western unbridled materialistic culture as the ultimate decadence of human civilization. There was a movement among Islamists about widening their struggle and seeing it in a global perspective. They even started talking of avenging western atrocities in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Vietnam. There was a general movement toward unity in opposing aggressive and decadent western policies, particularly of America and Israel.

America and Israel were very concerned about the danger of these developments in Islam. They came up with a new policy of marginalizing and dividing Muslims. This policy has two fundamental aspects. One, to incite the most extreme, fanatic and dogmatic elements who see their struggle detached from the global struggle against western imperialism and Zionism and limit it to local, narrow and sectarian issues. The second element of this policy is to deepen divisions between Sunnis and Shias. This policy has derailed the original movement towards democracy and human rights in Arab countries. First, the traitors and mercenaries brutally murdered Gaddafi and established a puppet and barbarian regime in Libya, and now they are trying to do the same in Syria.

After being tricked by the west in Libya, Russia and China are doing everything to prevent the same type of outcome in Syria. Both countries realize that if the west is able to install a traitorous and puppet regime in Syria, then the balance of power will shift in a crucial area of the world, the Middle East. Not only this will lead to a break in the unity against Israel, but it will also give the west and their Arab lackeys control over the oil supply of many countries. Oil is the lifeline of the modern industrial economy. The west and its lackeys will be able to exert undue pressure on the policy of these countries. Russia and China will try to do everything to prevent the West and its lackeys to have their way in Syria because this is not only a case of changing a regime in Syria, but also fundamentally changing the balance of power in the world. This is not only Assad’s battle, but is their own battle.

It is very sad that India has taken a stand on Syria which is not only against the fundamental principles of the historically evolved Indian policy, but is also against the basic interests of Indian people. While Russia and China have repeatedly vetoed western resolutions on Syria in the Security Council, India voted in favor of these resolutions. India could not even abstain as South Africa and Pakistan did. India is not only acting like a silent observer, but is actually helping the efforts to bring down its friends and supporters in Arab countries. Instead of supporting secular forces in Arab countries, India is objectively siding with the most reactionary, fanatic and dogmatic fundamentalist Islamists there. Instead of fighting terrorism, India is objectively helping western countries to bring such forces in power.

Instead of diversifying its oil and gas suppliers, India is falling into the western trap of making India completely dependent upon their lackeys for its lifeline. This can have very adverse consequences for India in the future. Under American pressure, India has strained its relations with Iran and Russia. India had worked hard to diversify its oil and gas supply. Russia and Iran played a very important role in India’s policy. Traditionally, these countries have always been India’s very close friends. Both of these countries are very frustrated with India.

India should see through western double standards.


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