Workers Rally Against South Korean Government


The south Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) held a rally in the name of winning their vital rights in Seoul on August 11.

Attending it were unionists of the KCTU, members of the vanguard for reunification who toured all parts of south Korea and personages of different circles, more than 3 000 in all.

Speakers recalled that Lee Myung Bak recently described the workers’ struggle for vital rights as “a strike of satisfied men” and that plutocrats let gangsters indiscriminately suppress unionists under the patronage of the police. Nevertheless, the 19th “National Assembly” is not playing its role, they charged.

They turned out in actions as they could no longer tolerate the incompetent and irresponsible “National Assembly” that deceives the workers, they noted.

They called upon all the workers to struggle against the NA that turns its back on the demand of the people.
At the end of the rally its participants staged a demonstration, marching to the NA building.

The demonstrators held a rally again outside the building of the “Saenuri Party” at which they strongly denounced the traitorous party for getting frantic in seizing the power and pursuing unpopular policy.


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