Evo Morales: United States is “Real Terrorist”

Capitalism: No Solution for Humanity

Granma Internacional

President Evo Morales of Bolivia condemned this Wednesday the inclusion of Cuba on the list of countries sponsoring terrorism drawn up by the United States.

During his speech to the UN General Assembly, Morales said that this unilateral Washington measure serves as an excuse to maintain the blockade of the Cuba, rejected by the overwhelming majority of nations.

“The real terrorist is the United States,” he said. “It is not possible that the blockade should continue existing in the 21st century,” DPA reported.

At the same time, he conveyed greetings to the Cuban leader Fidel Castro and asked for justice to be done in the case of the “five Cuban brothers unjustly detained in the United States.”

“Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has noted that the world must be changed, but how are we going to change the world if we do not change the United Nations, responsible for many interventions,” the Bolivian leader emphasized.

“Now I feel that we are losing our fear. There is no need to fear the empire or capitalism. Capitalism is no solution for humanity,” he observed.

Morales began his speech by asking Chile to return Bolivia’s sea exit. “We are not living in a time of internal or external colonialism,” he noted.

“Malvinas for Argentina and the sea for Bolivia,” affirmed the President with the aim of “definitively solving this conflict which is damaging the American continent.”

President Morales also referred to the legalization of the coca leaf, an issue which Bolivia has consistently defended at the UN.


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