U.S. Calls on Myanmar to Cut Ties with DPRK

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  • KCNA

    A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK gave the following answer to a question raised by KCNA Friday as regards to the U.S. pressuring Myanmar to break off relations with the DPRK:

    The high-ranking authorities of the U.S. pressured Myanmar to cut off the relations with the DPRK, a vicious politically-motivated provocation.

    At first, it pressured Myanmar to suspend military ties with the DPRK. Now it is openly urging the country to sever bilateral relations, calling the DPRK a “bad friend.”

    In May the U.S. president said that the U.S. would render more aid to Myanmar if it breaks off relations with the DPRK. The U.S. State secretary urged Myanmar to move in the direction of cutting off the relations with the DPRK whenever an opportunity presented itself. A few days ago, the assistant secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs let loose such invectives that Myanmar should move to break off the relations with the DPRK, “bad friend,” at an early date.

    This proves that the U.S. hostile policy to isolate and stifle the DPRK remains unchanged and has been pushed forward with increased zeal.

    It is precisely for this reason that the DPRK has kept itself fully prepared to cope with the U.S. hostile policy toward it.

    The U.S. which sows discord among countries, nations and tribes and harasses regional and world peace and stability is, in fact, a “bad friend” whom all the countries aspiring after independence should shun.

    Anti-U.S. protests are unabated in Mid-east countries which suffer from untold misfortune and pains due to the U.S. interference, being caught in its tentacles of aggression.

    The U.S. has shifted its strategic focus to the Asia-Pacific region and has fostered discord and stand-off. This resulted in fierce territorial disputes and escalation of tension in the region.
    All facts teach a lesson that tragic incidents occur wherever the U.S. sets its foot.

    The DPRK has ensured the peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula by dint of a powerful war deterrent built by itself.

    If the U.S. keeps its anachronistic hostile policy toward the DPRK, it will meet a miserable end in the Korean Peninsula and the region.


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