Fidel Castro In Good Health

Fidel Castro Ruz


A message to the first graduating class from the Victoria de Girón Medical Sciences Institute was enough to prompt imperialist propaganda to go into overdrive and news agencies to voraciously launch themselves after the lie. Not only that but, in their cables, they attributed the most unheard of nonsense to the patient.

The ABC newspaper in Spain reported that a Venezuelan doctor from an unknown location revealed that Castro had suffered a massive embolism in the right cerebral artery; “I can state that we are not going to see him again in public.” The alleged doctor who, if he is, would first abandon his own compatriots, described Castro’s health as “very close to a neural-vegetative state.”

While many persons in the world are deceived by information agencies which publish this nonsense – almost all in the hands of the privileged and rich – people believe less and less in them. Nobody likes to be deceived; even the most incorrigible liar expects to be told the truth. In April of 1961, everyone believed the information published in the news agencies that the mercenary invaders of Girón or Bay of Pigs, whatever one wants to call it, were approaching Havana, when in fact some of them were fruitlessly trying by boat to reach the yanki warships escorting them.

The peoples are learning and resistance is growing, faced with the crisis of capitalism which is recurring with greater frequency; no lies, repression or new weapons will be able to prevent the collapse of a production system which is increasingly unequal and unjust.

A few days ago, very close to the 50th anniversary of the October Crisis, news agencies pointed to three guilty parties: Kennedy, having recently become the leader of the empire, Khrushchev and Castro. Cuba did not have anything to do with nuclear weapons, nor with the unnecessary slaughter of Hiroshima and Nagasaki perpetrated by the president of the United States, Harry S. Truman, thus establishing the tyranny of nuclear weapons. Cuba was defending its right to independence and social justice.

When we accepted Soviet aid in weapons, oil, foodstuffs and other resources, it was to defend ourselves from yanki plans to invade our homeland, subjected to a dirty and bloody war which that capitalist country imposed on us from the very first months, which left thousands of Cubans dead and maimed.

When Khrushchev proposed the installation here of medium range missiles similar to those the United States had in Turkey – far closer to the USSR than Cuba to the United States – as a solidarity necessity, Cuba did not hesitate to agree to such a risk. Our conduct was ethically irreproachable. We will never apologize to anyone for what we did. The fact is that half a century has gone by, and here we still are with our heads held high.

I like to write and I am writing; I like to study and I am studying. There are many tasks in the area of knowledge. For example, never before have the sciences advanced at such an astounding speed.

I stopped publishing “Reflections” because it is definitely not my role to take up pages in our press, dedicated to other tasks which the country requires.

Birds of ill omen! I don’t even remember what a headache is. As evidence of what liars they are, I present them with the photos which accompany this article.



2 thoughts on “Fidel Castro In Good Health

  1. I was worried when Fidel stopped posting on

    I always read his reflections carefully and was delighted by the depth and clearness of his thoughts.

    His last post is from June 20th and contains only two sentences:

    “I respect all religions even though I do not profess them. Human beings, from the most ignorant to the wisest, are looking for an explanation for their own existence.”

    This is not exactly how I see it because I regard religions/cults/ideologies/superstitions as harmful, malignant, destructive, and consequently don’t respect them. The second sentence though nails it and could well be a fitting starting point for the blogpost about religion that I plan to write since a long time.

    Fidel Castro Ruz is not only the successful revolutionary who saved his country from the clutches of the empire but together with Leon Trotsky also one of the great socialist thinkers of the 20th century. It is sad that Fidel Castro opposed Trotsky and Leon Trotsky’s murderer Ramon Mercader even became an advisor to Fidel Castro.

    It would be interesting to know if Fidel Castro ever changed his position to Trotsky. For me it appears that the essential views of both men are not contradictory and can be easily combined..

    • While I’m open-minded and try to avoid dogma, I know that Trotsky’s works form the basis of my views. I often post articles here that are from the Workers Vanguard, newspaper of the Spartacist League, which I think is the only source that has a consistent Trotskyist outlook. Others twist his words to suit their own needs.

      Some have called Castro an “unconscious Trotskyist” but I wouldn’t go that far. Castro’s outlook is different from both Trotsky’s and Stalin’s, although much closer to the former than the latter.

      He has generally been willing to admit his faults and mistakes. Someone should ask him whether his views about Trotsky have changed.

      Your comments about religion are right on the mark.

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