End the Violence: Down with Israeli Apartheid Regime!

Nina Westbury
Crimson Satellite

The Israeli government has once again unleashed unthinkable terror upon the people of Gaza. The U.S. Administration of the reelected peace prize President Obama has predictably sided with its Zionist client, while the government of Egypt’s Mohammed Morsi — who barely squeaked by with a majority in an election marked by low turnout and fraud — has tried to assert itself as a mediator. The stage has been set for another “clash of civilizations” charade with too many casualties.

Yet this is not a conflict between Jews and Muslims. It is an engineered crisis designed to advance the goals of the Greater Middle East Project, which weakens the region to allow for easier corporate exploitation. Stopping the violence requires thinking beyond the tired binary of “pro-Israeli” and “pro-Palestinian.” Any person with even a grain of decency sympathizes with the deeply oppressed Palestinians against the Israeli apartheid regime.

Opposition to the state of Israel cannot be channeled into support for the ineffective reactionaries of Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood — organizations whose platforms perpetuate the subjugation of workers to their exploiters and call for theocracy. The only lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the one least often discussed: the one state solution. A model for such a solution is outlined in Muammar Gaddafi’s Isratin Proposal.

A one state solution means a secular government administered on the basis of direct democracy. This is the path that allows for healing, reconciliation, and shared prosperity. It is also a stepping stone towards building a socialist federation of the Middle East. In opposition to the pro-capitalist, divinely-inspired autocrats that govern Israel, Iran, and the Gulf monarchies, the socialist federation would stand for:

1) Women’s equality.

2) Workers owning the profits of their labor.

3) Free healthcare; quality, affordable education for all; and massive public works projects to develop infrastructure and housing.

4) Full democratic rights for gays and lesbians.

5) Nationalization of oil and other resources.

6) Solidarity with revolutionary governments worldwide.

This is just the beginning. Of course, such an entity is at this point in time a distant dream. It may seem unrealistic and futile to pursue such a vision. But this is the only permanent way out of the crisis. Making this idea a reality will require numerous monumental tasks: Hebrew-speaking and Arabic-speaking workers will have to realize that they share a common class enemy. Squabbles that appear religious in nature have to be understood through the lens of the globalist chessboard. The controlled opposition provided by Hamas, Hizbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood has to be exposed as fraudulent.

In the immediate term, it is the task of activists to demand the Israeli regime be held accountable for its continued transgressions against the people of the world — in Palestine, in Syria, in Africa, or anywhere else.


3 thoughts on “End the Violence: Down with Israeli Apartheid Regime!

  1. Thank you for this article Nina. I reposted it at this link.

    Mudiwa has posted The White Book with the Isratin Proposal on the Libyan Revolutionary Committees Movement.

    Muammar Al Qadhafi’s White Book – The Isratin Proposal

    Only a one state solution can end the conflict. As important, is ensuring people do not get caught up in the Hamas-Muslim Brotherhood web of deception. That is not the way forward for Palestine or the Middle East. The way forward is beyond all manifestations of Zionism/imperialism to direct democracy and the power of the people.

  2. Thank you for unearthing this op ed piece of the great (and unforgotten) Gaddafi in the NY Times. This was 2009, only two years before the West destroyed Libya! Surprisingly the NY Times still keeps the piece in its archives. Surprising also the many positive comments of NY Times readers.

    Gaddafi’s proposals are human, logical, and they would work, but how can they be realized, when the Western neocolonial powers are more and more descending into militarism and fascism and have placed their bets on confrontation, suppression, and destruction?

    • It requires the people at the center of the conflict, the masses of what is now Israel and Palestine, to think about the fighting in a new way. Despite the fact that this is happening in lands that are holy for billions of people, the conflict has a materialist basis.

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