Some Thoughts On The Recent Tragedy


The best way to respond to cruelty is with compassion.

I have a very beautiful nephew in primary school and I am a teacher at a middle school.

Even as someone following the humanitarian disasters in Syria, Libya, and elsewhere around the world, this massacre shook me.

While the senseless loss of any human life is tragic, it takes someone with an especially hideous mind to kill a child. I don’t think mental illness alone can explain it.

I think often not just about what world “we are leaving for our children” but also the world they live in now. We as a species need to find a way to evolve beyond violence, or we will destroy ourselves and the ones we love.

In response to this awful event, we are witnessing the same discourse about gun control and mental health services surfacing again.

But what needs to happen is a discussion about the society and ideology of a state that has had numerous mass shootings in this year alone. This is a crisis and it’s connected with all the other crises that define the decaying capitalist world.

What we need is a new morality, where to be moral is not to observe strict religious laws but actually care about and be invested in the wellbeing of our fellow beings. It can’t be achieved in the world we have now, there has to be a revolutionary change of course.


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