Syria & The Global Class War


Caleb T. Maupin

Jobs are disappearing. Homes are ­being foreclosed and families tossed into the streets. Super hurricanes, spawned by climate change, batter cities. Schools are being shut down, and prisons are springing up in their place. Police bullets are taking lives of innocent Black and Brown people. Hunger, homelessness, mass unemployment and racist mass incarceration are becoming “the new normal” in the United States.

At the top of all this are the bankers and bosses. The Wall Street 1% — with their wealth, power and latchkeys to the governments of the world — have no answer to the chaos. Bank bailouts, drone attacks, elections, TV propaganda — none of the capitalists’ usual tricks are working. The chaos and explosions are continuing, because capitalism is at a dead end.

In their desperation, the corporate elites and their governments turn toward a solution they have long utilized: war.

Trillions of dollars are made from militarism. For the capitalists of the world, especially in the U.S., who own all the mechanisms for producing tanks, missiles, drones, fighter planes and other means of destruction, nothing has been more profitable than war.

So in this hour of desperation, as their economic system lurches and grinds its way to a halt, the capitalists bomb and destroy.

First Libya, now Syria

Libya once had the highest standard of living on the African continent. But now the Libyan government that once defied Wall Street and Washington has been destroyed, and the result has led to misery for the Libyan people. Yet, the destruction of Libya did not save capitalism and the crisis continues.

The current focus of imperialism’s wrath is Syria. The U.S.-backed regimes in Saudi Arabia and Turkey are shipping in stockpiles of weapons to a group of “rebels” who slaughter people without pause. These rebels promise that if they are victorious, the Christians and Alawites of Syria will be slaughtered. They have been sent to create death, chaos and destruction.

Numerous videos of atrocities allegedly committed by these Syrian mercenaries have circulated on the internet. They depict killing and torture. One video shows a 10-year-old child being forced to behead a prisoner. These are the so-called “freedom fighters” championed by the capitalist media and funded indirectly by tax dollars from U.S. workers. (, Dec. 11)

Why is Syria a target? Its Baathist government led by Bashar Al-Assad is not a government of Wall Street puppets. Instead it provides health care to the people. It has supported the Palestinian resistance. It allows communists to play leading roles in some levels of the government.

The people of Syria are resisting. Christians, Alawites, Muslims, socialists — people from all sectors of Syrian society are joining together. Community militias are being formed to defeat the U.S.-backed mercenaries who seek to drive the country into ruin. The Syrian people have pushed back these rebels many times, so the imperialists are considering other methods.

U.S. troops are now in Turkey, just across the border from Syria, setting up NATO missile batteries. On Dec. 27, thousands of people took to the streets in Turkey to protest the presence of the NATO missiles. The massive rally was called by the Turkish Communist Party. PressTV quotes one Turkish protester as saying, “Americans are trying to steal all the resources in the Middle East. We, the Turkish people, will do whatever it takes to prevent them.” (Dec. 27)

Some people in the U.S. may feel that Syria and the Middle East are far away and that events going on there have no impact on what happens in the U.S.

But in the U.S., homes are being foreclosed by the same bankers and the government that fund the destruction of homes in Syria. Our schools are being closed by the same forces that fund the Israeli army that kills teachers and school children in Gaza. The drones used to kill people in Pakistan are now being used within U.S. borders to spy on us in a continuing buildup of state repression.

Sam Marcy, the founder of Workers World Party, said workers in the U.S. have no “independent destiny.” The global 1% is the enemy of the people of Syria, the workers and oppressed of the U.S. and all humanity. Just like Syrians are coming together to resist the rebels, and workers in Turkey are taking the streets to protest NATO missiles, workers and youth in the U.S. must stand with Syria.

The chaos unfolding across the world is a life-and-death struggle between the workers and oppressed of the world on one side and their oppressors on the other. In this global class war, which side are you on?


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  1. Materialist Analysis of the U.S. Orchestrated so-called “Arab Spring” Regime Change Gambit in the Mideast, Persian Gulf And Russia Using “Facebook”-Assisted Invasion by Proxy: “FACEBOOK”-ASSISTED INVASION BY PROXY AS IN LIBYA AND SYRIA IS A NEW METHOD OF USING A MINORITY TO TRY TO OVERTHROW A MAJORITY AND IS PART OF THE U.S. REGIME CHANGE GAMBIT IN THE MIDEAST, GULF STATES AND BEYOND AND REFLECTS THE FINAL STAGE OF CAPITALISM—PERMANENT WAR AND STATE TERRORISM! THE U.S. PURPOSE IS TO STEAL MIDEAST OIL, DESTROY HEZBOLLAH & HAMAS and TAKE OVER the WORLD! INVASION BY PROXY ONLY SUCCEEDS IF RUSSIA COOPERATES EITHER WITH A UN SECURITY COUNCIL VOTE FOR A “NO-FLY ZONE” OR IN A DECEPTIVE GOOD COP/BAD COP CHARADE TO FURTHER WORLD IMPERIALIST INTERESTS TIME IS UP! The USA and Russia have PLAYED FOR TIME to allow the Physical Destruction of Syria and Present the World with a Fait Accompli: But Russia has Apparently Refused to Support the NATO Article 5, Patriot Missile “No-fly Zone” in Turkey with the Prospect of a Direct USA/NATO Invasion on the Pretext of “Securing Syrian Chemical Weapons.” The Russian Black Sea Fleet is also Conducting Exercises off the Syrian Coast and has Deployed Five Landing Warships with Vehicles and Hundreds of Marines to Confront direct USA/NATO Invasion! Russia Has Now Returned to its Original Position that the Syrian People Must Decide who Runs Syria, while Medvedev Hypocritically Reaffirmed: “Assad’s Days Are Numbered!” Russia is EAGER to Turn Syria over to the USA Foreign Mercenaries/ Proxies/J ihadists JUST LIKE RUSSIA DID IN LIBYA and IRAQ but Does Not Want to Make it Obvious! The USA and Russia, Playing BAD COP/GOOD COP have Done Everything Possible to Overthrow the Ba’ath Socialist Party-Led Syrian Government! But Despite Death Squads, Mass Provocations, Divide and Conquer, Deliberate Sabotage by Russia and a Barrage of Big Lies to Try to Break the Morale of the Syrian People, the “2 Partners” have not been able Defeat Syria because the Ba’ath Socialist Syrian Government is Supported by the Overwhelming Majority of Syrians!! RUSSIAN SPECIAL FORCES Have Been in Charge Of Syrian Military “Strategy” for Over Seven Months and Have Deliberately Sabotaged the Syrian Strategy And Tactics of Working With Civilians which Permitted Easy Roundups of USA Mercenaries and Death Squads as in Tremseh! For many months Russia has Directed Syria NOT to Send in Ground Forces After Air Attacks, which has Permitted USA Mercenary Proxies to OCCUPY Parts of Syria! Capitalism is Fundamentally Based on War, Mass Murder, Crime and Subjugation. The USA Proxy War to Overthrow Syria is a Prime Example! But Syria Needs IRAN’S Direct Mutual Defense Pact Assistance to Immediately End the USA Overthrow Attempt, which is NOT A “CIVIL WAR,” a False Designation DESIGNED TO DISCOURAGE ASSISTANCE BY IRAN! The ONE-WAY DYNAMIC OF CAPITALISM has driven the So-Called “Arab Spring” as a USA-Orchestrated Regime Change Gambit Throughout the Mideast and Persian Gulf! Russia has Chimed in with ALL USA Provocations and the Majority of USA False Propaganda in Syria, Libya, etc. or else Remained Silent! For Example, USA has Directed its Proxies to Fire Mortars Into Turkey on a CONTINUOUS Basis thus Exposing it as an American False Flag PROVOCATION used To Serve as a False Pretext for Turkey to Obtain a USA/NATO Article 5 “No-Fly Zone!” The sudden USA Reversal of its False Claim That Syria was “About to Use Chemical Weapons” Indicates That Russia has Drawn a line Against Direct Invasion by USA, but now “Israel” talks about a “red line! The “Chemical Weapons” claim is an “Iraq WMD” Déjà Vu Provocation all over again! USA has Resorted To Escalating Provocations because their Proxies WERE LOSING! (New York Times, October 4, 2012) Russia Covered Up The USA-Directed False Flag Provocation in another Quid Pro Quo by Condemning Syria at the UN (!) and By Falsely Labeling Relentless Turkish Shelling of Syria: “Justified Turkish Retaliation!” (RT, October 7, 2012) For this Latest Quid Pro Quo Russia received Nothing Except False Promises to Pull Back On the “Missile Shield,” while Continuing to Dig its very own Gorbachev-Stalinist, anti-Communist Grave! The United States Has Invaded Syria with a Proxy Army Of Mercenary Terrorists/Jihadists from 29 countries! There is No “Civil War!” There is No “Uprising!” The USA cannot Send Its Own Army which is too Demoralized! Because the USA mercenary Jihadist proxy forces were being relentlessly and systematically bottled up, defeated and annihilated everywhere in Syria ON THE GROUND, despite their replenishment by the USA and its puppets, the Russian Federation, which has already been “guiding” Syrian diplomacy, has for almost 8 months been deliberately misadvising Syria to stop sending in its ground forces after its air attacks in order that the USA mercenaries would be able to live to regroup, recuperate, reorganize, rearm and fight another day, and also so that they would be able to physically OCCUPY certain areas in Northern Syria, which they have been permitted to do largely due to the deliberately treacherous “advice” of the Russian Federation! For example, because of failure to properly deploy Syrian infantry to surround areas and eliminate them, “liberated zones” have been set up by the USA proxies in Aleppo and other areas. In Aleppo the USA proxies have installed an Islamic Fundamentalist government led by the so-called “Committee to Command Good and Prohibit Impious Acts.” The USA proxies carried out yet another Death Squad Attack in Aleppo on January 29, 2013 killing 108 Syrians loyal to Ba’ath Socialism and the UN immediately blamed Assad (!?) with USA-puppet Brahimi shrieking: “Syria is falling apart! It’s unprecedented!” (See: BBC) Russia has been working directly hand-in-glove with the USA to overthrow Ba’ath Socialist Syria while falsely claiming “Russia is neutral,” while talking about “transition” and making it sound “inevitable,” which it is NOT, while pretending “Russia seeks peace,” while giving the USA MERCENARIES UNLIMITED TIME TO SET OFF BOMBS TO SPREAD PANIC and DESTROY SYRIAN INFRASTRUCTURE and TO TRY TO PROGRESSIVELY DEMORALIZE THE SYRIAN POPULATION. But the Syrian people overwhelmingly support Ba’ath Socialism and REJECT the USA Proxy invasion! Russia refuses even to provide Syria with more modern weapons, or even to return repaired helicopters if the USA says: “No! No,” while gladly allowing the USA to arm its proxy Jihadists TO THE TEETH with Stinger Missiles and Russian Sam-7s, or the most modern Russian SA-14s, SA-16s, SA-18s or SA-24s!! The USA mercenary proxies have been photographed with all of these weapons systems! Undoubtedly supplied by Russia through the USA! (See: New York Times, November 13, 2012) “Take your pick, Jihadists!” By November 2012 Syrian jets were reportedly being shot down every day! The USA tries to hide Russia’s collaborative assistance by falsely disassociating from its “partner” in overthrowing Syria by focusing on differences the USA does have with Russia, but which do not exist over the mutually agreed upon desired final outcome in Syria, namely Libya-style total chaos and divide and conquer-imposed Islamic Fundamentalism, but only on HOW this outcome should be arrived at, and by announcing with much fanfare the “Second Reset with Russia” as “giving its old cold war rival the cold shoulder!” (New York Times, Feb 1, 2013) Russia Has Blocked Syria and Iran From Implementing their 2005 Mutual Defense Pact Which Would END the USA Proxy Invasion ON THE SPOT! Syria and Iran have a MUTUAL DEFENSE PACT dating from February 2005. But Russia has interceded and directed that the pact NOT be honored for ANY reason, except in WORDS! Both Syria and Iran have been told by Russia that the USA Proxy Invasion of Syria is a “civil war.” Russia hides the true nature of the USA Proxy Invasion (referred to as “foreign interference” and “outside forces”) with repeated Big Lies! Even though Bashar Assad no longer refers to the U.S. Proxy Invasion of Syria as a “civil war” he has NOT acted on his growing awareness by calling for Iran’s direct military assistance to end the invasion on the spot and thereby forestall or prevent entirely a similar invasion of Iran! The USA/“Israel”/NATO intend to pick off one country after another and Russia is facilitating as much as possible this strategy by the USA. The USA-operated world capitalist media relentlessly portray Russia as “Syria’s staunch and stalwart friend!” With “friends” like Russia Syria needs no enemies! This is no joke! Syria has been bizarrely encouraged by Russia to “go it alone” against the USA Proxy Invasion! In order to try to coax Syria into going it alone the USA openly admits that their proxy/mercenary Jihadist army has only alienated the Syrian masses and minorities alike and has no genuine popular support. “Syrian Rebels Find Hearts and Minds Elusive.” (New York Times, January 16, 2013) But that admission by the USA will NOT allow Syria “going it alone” to defeat a USA Proxy Invasion involving Jihadists from 29 countries, an army which gets economic and military support from the USA/NATO and all the Middle East and Persian Gulf puppets of the USA! This is a USA Proxy invasion which can only be defeated with the help of both Iran and Hezbollah! Syria needs a little IMMEDIATE help from its REAL friends RIGHT AWAY! Hillary Clinton’s claim that “Iran is sending growing numbers of people and increasingly sophisticated weaponry” to Syria has little basis in fact and no facts are cited. Hillary’s claim was made in order to deter Iran from actually doing what it is being falsely accused of and implementing its 2005 Mutual Defense Pact with Syria. Russia meanwhile has been able to HOODWINK IRAN, which is NEXT on the USA/NATO menu, to SUPPORT TALKS between Syria and USA Proxy Leader Khatib! Talks about talks meant to substitute for and prevent Iran from honoring the 2005 Mutual Defense Pact! Sounds like familiar language. (Los Angeles Times, Feb. 4, 2013) The USA/“ISRAEL” Air Strike on January 30, 2013 Was a PROVOCATION Designed to Intimidate, Manipulate and Distract Iran, Syria and Hezbollah! The USA/“ISRAEL” Air Strike on January 30, 2013 Targeted The Syrian Military Research Center in Jamraya near Damascus NOT a “Convoy Carrying SA-17 Surface-to-Air Missiles” Supposedly Meant for Hezbollah! The Primary Purpose of the USA/“Israeli” Air Strike was Precisely to Intimidate IRAN so that IRAN WILL NOT HONOR ITS 2005 MUTUAL DEFENSE PACT WITH SYRIA AND TO DISTRACT HEZBOLLAH AWAY FROM SYRIA AND MAKE THEM THINK MORE ABOUT “ISRAEL!” The USA/NATO and its “Israeli” proxy are very worried and have launched another PROVOCATION in order to intimidate and manipulate Iran, Syria and Hezbollah and in order to try to keep them from uniting against the USA Proxy Invasion of Syria and honoring the Mutual Defense Pact between Iran and Syria! This provocation is very transparent and few should have difficulty understanding it. By carrying out this blatant Provocation the USA and so-called “Israel” have tipped their hand if the leadership of Syria and Iran and Hezbollah understand capitalist statecraft! The reason that the USA/“Israelis” falsely claimed that they had attacked a supposed “convoy carrying SA-17 surface-to-air missiles” was to distract Hezbollah away from focusing on giving military assistance to Syria and think…”Israel!” The SA-17 is not a weapons system which would even credibly appeal to Hezbollah because SA-17s require large launching systems that use radar and would be easy targets for “Israel” and thus would NOT be “game changing.” The Russian Federation, the supposed “staunch friend of Syria and Iran,” as expected has covered up the obvious purpose of this USA/“Israeli” Provocation from his “friends.” Russia itself expressed simplistic outrage and told Syria to claim (falsely) that the purpose of the “Israeli” air strike was to “destabilize Syria?” (Huh?). Oh, and to send their indignations and complaints to the United Nations, the same United Nations which is relentlessly calling for the prosecution of the entire Syrian government for “War Crimes” for defending itself against USA Proxy Attack! Fat chance! Iran MUST send MASSIVE infantry contingents IMMEDIATELY to Syria, not dribs and drabs and Hezbollah must widen its defense of Syria maximally. This is the key to victory for progressive forces and an END to all USA Proxy Wars in the Middle East and Persian Gulf. Note: As part of the ongoing plan to put Hezbollah on the defensive the USA/“Israel” USA-authorized Mossad Terrorists to sacrifice the lives of 5 ”Israeli” tourists and injured 30 others in an apparent radio-controlled Bus Bomb Provocation in Bulgaria on July 18, 2012, which they USA directed Bulgaria to falsely “link” first to Iran and then to Hezbollah, in order to try to get Hezbollah declared a “terrorist group.” But neither Iran nor Hezbollah would have any MOTIVE whatsoever! Hezbollah is supported by all 17 factions in Lebanon, the only group which defeated “Israel” on the ground in the 2006 USA/“Israel” Carpet Bombing/Invasion of Lebanon! (See below.) Hezbollah must not be distracted by the USA/“Israel” and right now must render maximum assistance to Syria! If Syria falls then Hezbollah falls and then Iran falls! Tightening USA sanctions against Iran’s oil economy and media should be the “tell,” which indicates to Syria that HONORING its 2005 Mutual Defense Pact with Syria is the ONLY possible response which will strengthen Iran’s position and will ultimately force the USA to entirely reverse its “Nuclear Weapons of Mass of Destruction Big Lie! Did Russia Really Reaffirm Support for the Ba’ath Socialist Government of Syria? On January 6, 2013 the Sunday Times of London reported: “Russia has deployed five landing warships off the Syrian coast in the Mediterranean Sea, carrying military vehicles and hundreds of Russian marines to confront any military intervention” which might start with USA/NATO troops invading Syria from Turkey under various pretexts e.g. to “secure and protect (!) Syrian chemical weapons sites.” The WARSHIPS were NOT sent to “evacuate the Soviet/Russian Diaspora in Syria,” as falsely alleged by the USA/NATO media despite the fact that 77 Russian nationals whose homes were destroyed by USA proxies were evacuated through Lebanon on January 22, 2013. The USA has taken an alternative tack and directed its mercenary proxies to the precise locations of Syria’s Chemical Weapons storage sites and simultaneously instructed its PROXY, so-called “ISRAEL” to declare movement of such weapons as a “red line.” “Israel” threatened “to prevent weapons from being transferred to Islamic terror organizations” in the same articles where the USA proxy/terrorist group Jaba el Nusra was video taped near the “fences of Sfira, the chemical weapons installation southeast of Aleppo,” while the so-called “Free Syrian Army” was “fighting another ‘raging battle’ with Syrian forces near another chemical weapons site on the southwestern outskirts of Damascus” (New York Times, January 27, 2013), where they had carefully been directed by USA “intelligence!” Russia which has numerous trade and economic and emigration agreements with “Israel” may have agreed to give so-called “Israel” a free hand! Right! See also: Although this is a Syrian website it cannot be automatically discounted. This site documents that the overwhelming majority of USA media reports regarding Syria are false, distorted or in many cases entirely fictitious. All those interested in making an objective analysis of Syria should visit this site. What may have influenced the Russian phony re-affirmation of support for the Ba’ath Socialist government and Bashar Assad were the statements made by the USA-backed so-called “Free Syrian Army” after they kidnapped and threatened to kill the Ukrainian reporter Ankhar Kochneva in October 2012, saying that they will “kill all Russians and Ukrainians they find in Syria (!),” which would amount to over 40,000 Russians and Ukrainians! Subsequently it was reported in an article published on Voltaire Network, where Thierry Meyssan acting as an (imagined) mouthpiece for Russia and the USA said: “The US administration has clearly decided to turn the page on the (so-called) ‘Free Army,’ reminding that the US National Intelligence Council in Washington has sarcastically announced that the “global Jihad will soon disappear,” adding that the US is set to start negotiations with Russia for solving the crisis there according to a Geneva statement (?). Thierry Meyssan also claimed: “The Free Syrian Army has no chance to achieve their goals despite the Europeans’ unceasing incitement against the Syrian leadership, claiming that the flow of funds and weapons has dried up and a lot of international support has stopped.” The article also stated that the USA administration will “embark on a peace plan on Syria as soon as it gets ratified in the Senate (?).” (Really?) The article stated also that David Petraeus was removed as head of CIA due to the fact that he was the architect of the war on Syria! There is no basis in fact for any of these wild assertions and they are undoubtedly 100% FALSE. Even if they were partly true de-funding the so-called “Free Syrian Army” would not stop the war against Syria! Only a complete military defeat of the USA mercenary/proxies/Jihadists will accomplish that no matter what sort of reforms Syria agrees to make. Even If all major FSA funding were actually stopped it would still not be possible for the Syrian Army to defeat the USA proxies/mercenaries! They would continue to receive various sorts of independent funding. Iran must honor its Mutual Defense Pact in order to end the USA Invasion. Bashar Assad is also NOT living on a Russian warship, another USA BIG LIE, a “super-whopper,” which would constitute granting Bashar Assad Russian political asylum, an act which would automatically undermine the strongly just re-stated Russian position on Syria that the Syrian people would decide whether Bashar Assad would remain in a leadership role in the Syrian government. But the truth is that Russia has completely thrown in the towel on Syria, which it had set up for defeat from the very beginning, while simultaneously denying it, and continuing to allow USA-backed proxies to set off bombs all over Syria, remaining silent while the USA blamed Syria itself and initiated multiple mass provocations! But due to continued massive popular support for Bashar Assad and Ba’ath Socialism in Syria and among progressive forces worldwide Russia finds that it cannot so easily and OBVIOUSLY desert Syria directly to a USA/NATO invasion! (See: New York Times, December 13-14, 2012) Russia continues to discourage Syria’s ally Iran from immediately coming to the direct aid of Syria and honoring its 2005 Mutual Defense Pact by putting boots on the ground, which would end the USA proxy invasion ON THE SPOT! In addition, the Russian Federation has brainwashed Bashar Assad to make bizarre fruitcake pronouncements such as: “In the event of a foreign invasion of Syria, the fallout would be too dire for the world to bear.” HUH? WHAT? Come again? That is TOTALLY RIDICULOUS! Syria is ALREADY experiencing an unprecedented foreign proxy invasion of USA mercenaries from 29 countries, which have been openly and admittedly directed by USA Ambassador Robert Stephen Ford and CIA Special Forces since early August 2012 and before that, exactly like in Libya (Reuters, August 2, 2012). Russia has totally BRAINWASHED Bashar Assad, an excellent ophthalmologist, but a completely naïve political “leader,” to believe such malarkey so he would not think to use his own infantry more tactically and also to call for direct INFANTRY and ground force support from IRAN! If the Russian-hypnotized-puppet-Bashar Assad still refuses to call for aid from Iran and lets the USA unilaterally escalate its Proxy Invasion of Syria, then Hezbollah must act on its own and directly attack and destroy USA/Turkish patriot missile batteries recently installed on the border with Turkey. Hezbollah must also mount other LARGE GROUND offensives against the USA/“Israel”/ Jihadist proxies in Syria! Progressive forces in the Mideast CANNOT just stand back idly and allow the USA to overthrow Syria on any basis. Iran and Hezbollah will be next! That is a certainty! That is the USA AGENDA and the agenda of capitalism now in its End-Stage! The USA has also directed its puppet Lebanese government forces (!) to invade the Syrian border province of Homs as it became known on November 30, 2012 when Syrian forces killed 17 depraved Fascist “Lebanese fighters.” (BBC, November 30, 2012) Remember that the USA/“Israeli”-puppet Lebanese government refused to defend Lebanon against USA/“Israel” in the 2006 USA/“Israeli” Air War and Invasion of Lebanon, which had the USA-declared objective to bomb Lebanon back to the Stone Age! Only Hezbollah defended Lebanon! Syria and Iran defended Hezbollah. Hezbollah must widen and extend its defense of Syria at all levels and be prepared to defend Iran. The USA/“Israeli” has threatened to bomb Iran with the Claim, which has been VERIFIED as 100% FALSE—by Mohamed ElBaradei IAEA Chief from 1997-2009 and multiple USA Combined Intelligence Reports, that Iran supposedly has a “nuclear weapons project” (Weapons of Mass Destruction!—Iraq Déjà Vu all over again and again and again! Why not buy it one more time, kiddies?)” That threat is primarily to intimidate Iran from directly coming to the aid of Syria rather than just talking about it! Economic sanctions against Iran are also designed to intimidate Iran and discourage Iran from coming to the aid of Syria. Instead, Russia tells Iran to engage in “diplomacy (!),” meaning to go on their knees and beg the USA “pretty please remove your economic sanctions!” The USA ONLY respects STRENGTH! Meanwhile the USA FALSE FLAG PROVOCATIONS HAVE ESCALATED with the USA directing its mercenary proxies in Syria to fire weapons into so-called “Israel” and Jordan in addition to Turkey allowing both Turkey and Jordan to make requests to NATO for USA Patriot Missile antiaircraft missile batteries, requests which have been granted resulting in a limited NO-FLY ZONE despite all denials (See: BBC, January 14, 2013) and set the stage for further provocations to provide the pretext for open foreign invasion threatened by the USA, or more likely USA proxy “Israel” under the pretext to “secure Syrian chemical weapons!” But that threat has apparently been shelved for the USA at least! On the other hand Russia has treacherously publicly called Bashar Assad a “weak leader,” while hypocritically excoriating him as “a butcher (!)” (New York Times, December 21, 2012) as great thanks to Assad for following Russia’s opportunist and deliberately self-defeating instructions to the letter. The Russian Federation has counted on TIME to present the Ba’ath Socialist Syrian government with a Fait Accompli: USA PROXY OVERTHROW, which Russia has actively and passively supported, but under the condition that Syria be overthrown by the USA proxies alone without direct USA invasion! Admittedly this does not seem possible so the USA Proxy Invasion has become ENDLESS! Note that the USA has also temporarily backed off the organized attacks against Putin in Russia. (New York Times, January 6, 2013.) There can be NO “Political Solution” or “National Dialogue” with USA Mercenaries/Proxies/Terrorists Running Around in Syria! But The Truth is that the ONLY correct solution in Syria involves the complete and TOTAL MILITARY DEFEAT of the USA proxy mercenary invaders! There can be no “political solution” or “national dialogue” with USA mercenaries/proxies/terrorists running around in Syria. Russia could easily end the latest USA Proxy War to Overthrow Ba’ath Socialist Syria BUT IT DOES NOT WANT TO! Russia has made it clear to the USA that it will not accept direct invasion of Syria by USA forces. But that is not enough to defeat the ongoing USA-directed foreign invasion of Syria! The most comprehensive and surest way to put an end to the USA “Jihadist Spring” in Syria would be to: 1.) Present an open honest materialist analysis of the USA attempt to overthrow Syria as done here, and 2.) Suggest that Iran implement its MUTUAL DEFENSE PACT with Syria by also putting boots ON THE GROUND IMMEDIATELY to help defeat the USA-backed and directed foreign aggression! Iran and Russia (fat chance!) must forcefully but diplomatically explain that it takes support by Syrian allies to militarily defeat what is a foreign invasion of Syria—NOT a “civil war!” The declared objective of the USA-organized so-called “National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces”—90%-dominated by the USA/“Israel” PUPPET-Mohamed Morsi’s so-called Moslem Brotherhood (!), is to set up a USA proxy government in waiting for Syria precisely as was done with Libya, a creepy scene directly out of a nightmare horror movie such as Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)! (See: New York Times, November 1, 2012). In their dreams this group was also set up to try to lead the USA cutthroat Jihadist mercenaries/proxies to overthrow Ba’ath Socialist Syria supported by 23 million Syrians and impose an Islamic State and Sharia in multi-ethnic, multi-religion, modern day Syria just like the USA did in Libya! Note that the motive for recent “criticism” of USA-puppet Morsi by the USA and “Israel” for standard demagogic anti-Zionist statements Morsi made over 3 years ago is to try to manipulate Palestinians into supporting the USA Proxy Invasion of Syria, against their own best interests! (New York Times, January 16, 2013) Morsi is a documented USA puppet and openly supports the USA Proxy Invasion of Syria! The name “Bashar Assad” is actually a codeword and a shorthand for Ba’ath Socialism, which is the REAL TARGET along with Syrian alliances with the Hezbollah and Palestinian National Liberation Movements! There is no “uprising” in Syria and there is no “civil war” in Syria and there is no “revolution” in Syria (what a horrible joke)! The USA is trying to overthrow the Ba’ath Socialist Party-led government of Syria with an army of USA proxies composed of very heavily armed (not “lightly armed”) domestic (50%) and foreign mercenary Jihad/Sharia-oriented Islamic Fundamentalist (50%) forces according to one of the founders of Doctors Without Borders, Jacques Beres. (New York Times, September 11, 2012) All are openly paid by the USA through Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar! (BBC, April 1, 2012) The USA supplies their Syrian proxies/mercenaries/contras with salaried payment (!) and weapons passed through Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, none of which possess an arms industry! In order to try to hide this obvious, repeatedly fully documented fact and repeated open admissions that the USA arms its Syrian mercenaries through Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and in order to try to make their attempted regime change/coup d’etat in Syria appear to be ridiculously “home grown” the USA runs articles preposterously asserting that most of their Syrian mercenaries’ weapons are “homemade!” (Front page: New York Times, August 29, 2012) The USA has also made the absurd claim that the majority of the Syrian army can just hardly wait to defect to the USA/“Israeli” side (!) and give up that “horrible Ba’ath Socialism” in favor of Jihad, Sharia and Islamic Fundamentalism!” (BBC, September 10, 2012) Yeck! But the USA later was forced to retract that bizarre claim. (New York Times, October 4, 2012) Neither a foreign invasion nor a domestic proxy invasion orchestrated and armed by the USA, nor a coup d’etat attempt qualifies as “civil war.” There is no civil war in Syria! The explanation is obvious: the USA is in the process of trying to overthrow the sovereign state of Syria! Syria needs the help of Iran on the Ground to completely eliminate the USA mercenaries. Exposing the attempted overthrow of Syria by the USA using Al Qaeda and “al-Nusra Front” Jihadists defines the actual situation. Iran’s direct assistance would allow a clear Syrian Victory. Russian “diplomacy” is a deception! The RT Sophie Shevardnadze interview exposed Bashar Assad as totally brainwashed The USA military and CIA have organized and now direct virtually every military move of their Fascist/Jihadist forces directly by CIA boots on the ground and through direct wireless contact with their mercenary proxies and through social networking Internet websites, the USA puppet-leadership of the United Nations, the EU, so-called NGOs and phony so-called “Human Rights” Groups, a formula it has begun to use worldwide to create division and to destabilize dozens of countries! This formula has allowed the USA to cut its military spending for direct invasions by US troops! The USA has chosen to use Jihadists/terrorists both domestic and foreign in Syria as in Libya and elsewhere because THEY ARE FANATICS AND WILL GLADLY FIGHT TO THE DEATH and EVEN WELCOME IT! (See: Libyan Analysis below!) The USA objective in Syria is to eliminate Ba’ath Socialism, destroy the Syrian/Iran funded Hezbollah and Palestinian National Liberation Movements, and clear the deck for maximal capitalist exploitation, chaos, subjugation, division and confusion all driven by the One-Way Dynamic of Capitalism now in its Final-Stage! Syria needs the direct military and political support of IRAN in order to actually defeat the foreign and domestic mercenaries of the United States and world imperialism! Artillery and air strikes DO cause collateral damage and ARE counter-productive when they hit domestic residents. But Syrian air strike “strategy” has been directed by the Russian Federation and was deliberately designed to try to undermine popular support for Ba’ath Socialism. Russia may also have advised that Syrian air strikes should be as destructive as possible under the pretext that it would supposedly intimidate the USA proxies, when the actual result of any unnecessary destruction they knew would be deliberately counterproductive. Propaganda exposing the USA attempt to overthrow Syria should be dropped in all areas where the proxies have actually been permitted to occupy explaining what it would really mean for Syrians and what happened in Libya. But it never will be! The overwhelming amount of property damage in Syria is primarily due directly to the USA and its Proxy mercenary invaders, who have also been given maximum passive also active support by Russia (see below), which previously abandoned Iraq and Libya, allowing the USA to physically destroy Syria piece by piece, while Russia determinedly digs its very own Gorbachev/Stalinist, anti-Communist grave. According to the October 4, 2012 New York Times the attempt to overthrow the Syrian government had stalled and the “commanders (of the USA proxies) have given up trying to entice defectors…and others have resorted to more desperate measures: cajoling, duping, threatening and even drugging and kidnapping military men to get them to change sides, or at least stay out of the fight.” Also according to the NY Times (!), an increasing number of Syrians recognize that the USA objective in Syria is to generate the same chaos and destruction carried out by the USA in Libya. These reports apparently motivated Russia to direct the Syrian air force to target larger areas of Syria for bombardment in order to try to alienate more of the rural population and generate greater support for the USA proxy invaders. But that strategy failed and the majority of Syrians still support Ba’ath Socialism! Not USA-imposed Jihad and Sharia! AS IN LIBYA! AS IN EGYPT! (See above and below.) The USA has clumsily installed a puppet government in Libya with phony “elections” and a phony “parliament” with virtually no popular support and no army popular or otherwise to occupy their newly destroyed country. If the USA proxies/mercenaries are not defeated soon militarily in Syria the USA capitalist dictatorship with inside help from its Russian “partner” is on track to leave Syria with the same chaos and destruction! The depraved USA-directed bombing of the University of Aleppo on January 15, 2013 killing 87 people and injuring over 160, which the USA then absurdly and pathetically tried to blame on a Syrian bombs (!) or air strike (!) with a torrent of Blame The Victim Propaganda, is an expression of End-Stage Capitalism and can only be reversed with a Socialist Revolution in the United States. Part II of the USA/Turkish F-4 Phantom Shoot-Down Provocation Realizing that they were on the verge of complete loss militarily and as the Syrian people had united as much as possible against this obvious U.S. INVASION BY PROXY the USA ordered Turkey to initiate Part II of the USA/Turkish F-4 Phantom Shoot-Down Provocation (see below for Part I) while they have directed their proxies to carry out continuous, non-stop cross-border attacks/provocations known as a “False Flag” Provocations in order to take advantage of the Syrian attempt to re-establish control of their border. In addition, the USA ordered its mercenary proxies in Syria to fire into Jordan and so-called “Israel,” always falsely blaming “Syrian forces.” The fact that the mortar fire from Syria into Turkey does not stop—ever—indicates that it is without doubt a provocation by the USA/Turkey. According to the Turkish newspaper Yurt the mortars used to attack the Turkish town of Akcakale were NATO mortars and were provided to the so-called “Free Syrian Army” by Turkey (RT—Russian Television website), October 9, 2012). (Note that USA world capitalist media Big Lie campaign falsely alleging “Syrian Cluster Bombs” is also meant to block with these reports of USA mortars, etc. being used in False Flag Provocations.) Meanwhile Russia pretended to accept this provocation as GOOD COIN, a transparent PROVOCATION, which was obvious to many from the start (!). Russia even CONDEMNED SYRIA in the UN Security Council in the strongest possible terms along with the USA (!), while the majority of articles on the RT website ridiculously spoke of “Turkish Retaliation” in order to try to enhance the credibility of that USA provocation! Russia even instructed Syria to “APOLOGIZE TO SYRIA (!)” for what was an obvious PROVOCATION by the USA/Turkey! And Syria foolishly COMPLIED with Russia’s opportunist bidding to apologize!!! Apology by Syria (!?) was designed by the Russian Federation as a means to have Syria falsely admit GUILT (!) for acts of provocation carried out by the USA/Turkey! Historically, the Soviet Union has also given this kind of deliberately treacherous advice repeatedly in order to sabotage the interests of “allies” of even the Pre-Gorbachev USSR! (See below.) Totally disgusting! That the daily mortaring of Turkey from Syria by USA proxies is in fact a deliberate False Flag Provocation was also confirmed by the fact that the Syrian offer to create a 6-mile buffer zone along the Turkish-Syrian border was rejected out-of-hand by Turkey/USA, due obviously to the fact that Turkey would not be able to claim that the shells were being fired by the Syrian Army, which would not be present within 6 miles of the Turkish border! Russia is thus going along with the USA 100% in this False Flag provocation and totally selling out Syria and itself help set Syria up for a USA/NATO Article 5, “No-fly Zone” with deployment of Patriot Antiaircraft Missiles on the Turkish border, a situation which it now protests because it reveals its own sell-out of Syria as too obvious! The Russian Federation Falsely Disassociates from its USA “Partners” with a Media-Hyped DOG AND PONY SHOW! In an elaborately staged, media-hyped act of false disassociation from its USA “partners” Russia pretended to act so highly indignant when Turkey carried out an otherwise pointless brazen act of air piracy using USA F-16s to force a commercial Syrian passenger jet which included 17 Russian nationals traveling from Moscow to land in Turkey and falsely accused Russia of aiding the Syrians by bringing in “prohibited war materiel” and later falsely claimed “munitions” and “ammunition!” Sergei Lavrov admitted on October 12, 2012 that the plane contained radar parts! Since Syria is not being attacked by air, such parts could NEVER be construed as war materiel! But that was never the point! This little incident was a provocation organized by all 3 countries entirely to hide Russia’s role as facilitator for the United States overthrow of Syria by deliberately standing back and allowing Syria to be destroyed to a degree otherwise only achievable with a No-Fly Zone! And then helping the USA to actually impose one! Although NATO cautioned that “no one succumb to provocation,” in what was an obvious False Flag provocation, indicating NATO awareness of the attempt by USA/Turkey to start a war with Syria, imposition of a USA/NATO Article 5 “No-Fly Zone” has been implemented! USA/Turkey previously escalated their provocation by deploying USA F-16 fighter jets to the Syrian border after Syria used helicopters to annihilate USA proxies in Azmarin (Reuters and RT, October 12, 2012) There is undoubtedly a secret QUID PRO QUO behind Russia’s support for USA False Flag Provocations—undoubtedly false promises of reduced USA deployment of its European/worldwide “missile shield” being used to encircle Russia and China. Russia dream on! The USA Provides Cluster Bombs to its Mercenary Jihadist Proxies to Use Against Syrian Civilians and Then Uses the Big Lie Technique to Blame Syria! On October 13, 2012 the USA mouthpiece, so-called “Human Rights Watch” started the BIG LIE claim that Syria was supposedly using cluster bomb anti-personnel weapons! (BBC) And on November 26, 2012 again the BBC falsely reported: “Syria cluster bomb attack ‘kills 10 children.’” But Syria possesses no cluster bombs! ONLY the USA and its proxy “Israel” possess and have used cluster bombs, most recently in Lebanon in 2006 where the USA/“Israel” dropped millions of cluster bombs along with regular munitions in order to try to “bomb Lebanon Back to the Stone Age” and kill as many people as possible! Even years later the USA/“Israel” refused to provide Lebanon with a detailed map of where the cluster bombs were dropped! All cluster bombs are manufactured by the United States and provided free to the “Israelis” and the USA mercenary proxies in Syria for use against civilians—for which they are primarily designed!!! A percentage of cluster bomblets are deliberately designed NOT to explode immediately upon impact, but to remain in the environment until they experience a secondary disturbance due to handling, almost always by unknowing civilians, usually children! The USA use of cluster bombs goes hand in hand with the USA-trained Death Squads in Syria. See below. Once again, there is no “civil war” in Syria! The ridiculous claim by the so-called “International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)” that the U.S.-led attempt to overthrow the overwhelmingly popular supported Syrian government is a “civil war” is a Big Lie, which the USA and its stooges have inflated like a balloon primarily in order to try to prevent intervention by Iran as well as continue to obscure what is a USA Invasion of Syria by mercenary proxies! Note that the American Red Cross has been an arm of U.S. “intelligence” since before and during the Russian Revolution! The USA also controls the ICRC which is operated as a covert intelligence agency of the United States using its supposed “humanitarian medical mission” to gain access to intelligence targets. The USA directed its puppet ICRC to falsely declare that Syria is in a “civil war” in order: 1.) To discourage Iran from actually coming to the defense of USA proxy-invaded Syria, 2.) To cover up the USA attempt to overthrow the Syrian government and 3.) To declare that Syria (!) be subject to the Geneva Convention, to which the USA is NOT subject in any way whatsoever, in order to be able to label the entire Syrian government as supposed “war criminals” to be subject to the International Criminal Court—A CREATION OF THE UNITED STATES—to which the USA OUTLAW REGIME is not subject!! And on January 14, 2013 the USA, once again used bribery, threats and blackmail to have the governments of 55 countries demand that the United Nations Security Council refer the attempted overthrow of Syria to the International Criminal Court for a war crimes investigation primarily of the part of the Syrian government (!!!). (International Herald Tribune) The USA has pulled all the strings of its domestic proxies in Syria from the beginning and is clearly directing each and every phase of the war and virtually every military target as well as trying to manipulate public opinion as with the UN Security Council stunt described above, in its attempt to overthrow the Ba’ath Socialist Syrian government—all from some “Situation Room” within the United States in Washington, D.C., just as drone attacks in Afghanistan and elsewhere are openly directed from CIA headquarter in Langley, Virginia. On September 26, 2012 the USA had its proxies organize suicide bombers to set off small bombs on the outside and just inside the perimeter fence of the Syrian General Staff Command so USA and its proxies could claim Syria was about to fall. (See: Washington Post, Sept. 26, 2012) And on November 28, 2012 the USA directed its depraved mercenary proxies to set off 2 more suicide bombs in Jaramana, a Druze and Christian suburb southeast of Damascus killing 34 and wounding 83 in an attempt to generate “a pervading sense of fear and insecurity” (BBC) and panic and maximal division and then blame Bashar Assad and Ba’ath Socialism. Capitalism must be abolished and that can only take place with a Socialist Revolution in the center of world capitalism, the United States. The formula has been for the USA proxies to into an area, for example in Damascus, and set off bombs and destroy some residential buildings with people inside and to take some photographs or footage which the USA-world media plays repeatedly to give the impression that “Gosh, Syria must be losing this war.” The Syrian army finally pushes them out and they usually escape to repeat the scenario elsewhere. The Syrian government announced in September 2012 that it would take some time to totally eliminate the USA proxies. But by November 2012 it was clear to any objective person that Syria actually needs IRANIAN boots on the ground to help defeat the USA proxies ASAP! Prior to Russian “advice” not to send in ground forces to mop up the USA mercenary Jihadists, the Jihadists were being killed in the very same houses which they had taken over after throwing out the original local occupants. See below. During that period the Syrian Ba’ath Socialist government (!) was then hypocritically and bizarrely accused of “atrocities (?)” by USA-led world imperialism (!).” (BBC, August 28, 2012). Note that the USA/NATO killed tens of thousands of Libyans and has covered it up in the process of destroying $billions upon $billions in Libyan infrastructure in the USA/NATO “No-fly Zone” in their Quid-Pro-Quo with Russia for Libyan oil in exchange for Russian WTO membership! (See below!) The execution of the cutthroat USA Libyan Ambassador Christopher Stevens (No, he was NOT a “James Bond” or some kind of “nice guy!”), along with 2 private military contract killers and 1 false propagandist in Libya on September 11, 2012 apparently by an Al-Qaeda related group and the attacks on many other USA embassies and consulates worldwide over anger at the trailer to the carefully designed USA anti-Islam film, “Innocence of Muslims,” whose director was later hung out to dry, is an example of provocation collateral damage which comes home to roost and demonstrates that he who lives by the sword of imperialism dies in this case by his OWN sword wielded by the very same Islamic Fundamentalists/“rebels”—“activists” ordered by the USA to go in and execute ALL survivors of USA/NATO systematic air destruction of Libya! Obama’s bizarrely and ridiculously hypocritical 2012 speech at the General Assembly decrying “violence and extremism (!)” is in the same context as awarding Obama the Nobel Peace Prize (!) prior to the USA virtual declaration of war against the entire world and its own people—innocent civilians! Protest against the USA film is good, but because by design it is all presently being led by religion the objective and the importance of abolishing capitalism worldwide through a Socialist Revolution in the center of world capitalism, the USA, is never broached and not understood. See below. The USA knows Syria better overall than its own proxy army and is clearly directing all military strikes and provocations against Syria, carried out in such a manner so there would appear to be a far larger proxy army than actually exists! An example was the mid-July—and continuing, relentless and escalating “bomb democracy” attacks in Damascus and then Aleppo followed by the temporary, and then virtually permanent, seizure of some border crossings, all staged to try to make it appear that Syria was under siege in a “Final Battle” hilariously but also portentously entitled (by the USA!): “Operation Damascus Volcano!” What a joke! The huge propaganda buildup pushed by the USA-controlled capitalist media was to make it appear that something BIG was happening in Damascus, when it was not. In Damascus, according to independent correspondents such as Manuel Ochsenreiter, the German journalist and magazine editor of the monthly ZUERST, the USA proxies tried to take over a few suburban neighborhoods, while “setting off bombs in as various places” and randomly “shooting dead civilians and security police” in order to try to spread panic, intimidate the population and give the false impression that the “battle” involved all of Damascus! Patrick Cockburn, UK journalist for The Independent reports the very same discrepancy between what he has seen on the ground in Syria and the fabricated news reports of the USA-dominated media. It is well known that a city is unfavorable ground for even a heavily armed minority proxy guerrilla army in areas with narrow curving side streets such as Salah al-Din in Aleppo and some areas in Damascus, and elsewhere, where they had been repeatedly surrounded and bottled up and were in fact being liquidated. But after the Syrian ground forces were pulled back from direct confrontation from the USA proxies, as apparently suggested or directed by the Russian Federation, the Jihadists flourished relatively and were able to claim they “occupied” certain primarily uncontested rural areas. (See below.) At this point it is up to the Syrian infantry to reclaim any and all ground previously taken by default by the USA proxies! The defection of Syrian Prime Minister Riad Hijab on August 6, 2012, an opportunist who suddenly claimed to be an Islamic Fundamentalist opposed to Ba’ath Socialism, who favors the USA overthrow of Syria and a Libya-type outcome (Oy!), will not change the situation in Syria except to serve as a false propaganda weapon! Iran’s declaration in Damascus that Syria is part of a vital regional alliance that Iran will not allow to be broken” (by the U.S.-led imperialist Fascist AXIS) is a strong declaration of support but Iran has withheld crucial direct military support! (See: BBC, August 7, 2012). Hijab’s preposterous claim that the Ba’ath Socialist government controls “only 30% of Syria” was just another super BIG LIE in a failed attempt to try to demoralize the Syrian masses and paint a false picture of the reality in Syria. (See: BBC, August 14, 2012) From the beginning, the so-called “RED LINE” for chemical weapons use” has been part of a siege of USA false propaganda, which was temporarily or permanently shelved in January 2013, but which Russia and the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) immediately took very seriously as a U.S. pretext for a USA/NATO “No-Fly Zone.” (BBC, August 22, 2012) On December 4, 2012 and also more ominously on January 8, 2013 (New York Times), the NAZI demagogue Obama threatened Syria with “consequences” if it used chemical weapons—“WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION (!)”—against its own people! (Obama, when are YOU going to STOP beating your wife?!) Though the USA threat to directly invade has been shelved a limited “No-Fly Zone” has now nevertheless been implemented with patriot Missile batteries operated by USA. Germany and Nederland! Foreign invasion has been deemed necessary because the Syrian majority still supports Bashar Al-Assad 1.) BECAUSE OF Ba’ath Socialism, and 2.) Because of Syrian support for national liberation movement Hezbollah and the Palestinians, despite the resignation and defection of the traitors, Hamas chief Khaled Meshal and Prime Minister Ismail Haniya to USA/“Israel!” Read: Syrian repudiation of traitor Meshal: (New York Times, October 2-3, 2012) Both Syria and IRAN, which is the next target in this USA game of divide and conquer, must stop accepting “advice” from the Big Brother Russian Federation! Bashar Assad is too brainwashed and inexperienced to recognize the trap but Iran theoretically could reverse the entire scenario now unfolding despite its admittedly naïve and provocateurish leadership. It has become increasingly apparent that the Russian Federation has promised the USA a Syria largely reduced to rubble primarily through its control of the truly weak-willed ophthalmologist, Dr. Bashar Assad, who in practice has been willing to completely abandon the control of all the military and politics of Syria to Russia. Russian policies, which have forbidden the USA from direct invasion of Syria, have allowed a piecemeal gradual destruction of Syria. But the majority of Syrians support the full employment, free education to the highest level, no homelessness, free medical and dental, support for national liberation movements and religious and ethnic harmony (!) that has existed in Syria! The USA/ “ISRAELI” 8-DAY WAR ON GAZA WAS REALLY ABOUT SYRIA! IN ADDITION TO TRYING TO INTIMIDATE IRAN FROM COMING TO THE AID OF SYRIA, THE REAL REASONS FOR THE USA/“ISRAEL” WAR ON GAZA INVOLVE DIVIDE AND CONQUER OF THE PALESTINIANS: The USA Bought Off Syrian Ally Hamas Leaders with Threats and Bribes then Directed its Stooge “Israel” to Bomb GAZA in an “8-Day War” in Order: 1.) To Try to Restore CREDIBILITY of its Newly Bought-Off Hamas Traitors and 2.) To Try To Generate Credibility of the USA Puppet Governments of Egypt, Turkey, Qatar, etc. who Support the USA Attempt to Overthrow Syrian Ba’ath Socialism and 3.) To try to Manipulate Palestinians both Inside Syria, in Occupied Palestine and in Other Countries to Support USA Mercenaries/Proxies against Syria! 4.) The USA-Puppet United Nations Upgraded Palestine to “Nonmember Observer” Falsely Portrayed as “rebuke” to USA/“Israel” Setting Basis for Unity with Hamas! Traitors Meshal and Haniya in alliance with OPEN USA-PUPPET dictator-boy, Sharia Constitution-Ram-Down-Your-Throat Mohamed Morsi of Egypt, who escalated the bombing of the tunnels to GAZA after his “election,” are trying to lead RECONCILIATION of HAMAS with the USA-PUPPET FATAH and the “Palestinian Authority!” With full understanding that Fatah and the so-called Palestinian Authority had no further genuine credibility or “authority” among Palestinians, the USA/“Israel” proceeded to first bribe and BUY OFF the TRAITOR Khaled Meshal of Hamas, while he was living in Syria, who promptly deserted Syria after apparently being told the bloody truth, that the Russian Federation was setting Syria up for defeat and was in charge of ALL Syrian military strategic and tactical decisions and Syrian politics and that Bashar Assad was in a daze and did not know what was happening and that Russia was in the process of handing Syria over to the USA just like Libya. Meshal immediately jumped ship and retracted all support for Ba’ath Socialist Syria and moved from Damascus to Qatar, met with USA and “Israeli”-puppet Egyptian Dictator Moslem Brotherhood Mohamed Morsi (BBC, July 19, 2012) and his old friend, U.S./“Israeli” puppet Jordan’s King Abdullah. Meshal then supposedly resigned (temporarily) as the leader of Hamas on September 23, 2012 in order to avoid challenges from Jabari. THAT was the actual reason that Hamas, which HAD represented the majority of Palestinian Sunnis, moved their offices out of Damascus, Syria! (New York Times, October 2-3, 2012) The USA and so-called “Israel” want to have Meshal, Haniya and “Hamas” reunite on some basis with the Palestinian Authority-Fatah and help regenerate credibility of that completely discredited organization, which on November 29, 2012 was suddenly but predictably granted: ”United Nations Nonmember Observer State” status by most of the same 130 plus countries of the General Assembly which had been previously been threatened, bribed and blackmailed to sign a resolution CONDEMNING SYRIA (!) while the majority of the populations of those same countries SUPPORT Syria overwhelmingly against the USA mercenaries/proxies. The very next day USA/“Israel” OKed the construction of 3000 new homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem demonstrating that the UN vote: 1.) Looked good but was a fraud in practice and 2.) Graphically demonstrated the true futility of a “Two-State Solution!” (The only solution is One Secular State of Palestine! (See below.) HAMAS, now run by traitors, Khaled Meshal and Ismail Haniya, both of whom the USA/“Israel” has bought off, will retain little credibility once the Palestinians realize that Meshal and Haniya are bought-off USA SELLOUTS, which have recognized “Israel” in practice by signing a cease fire with “Israel,” where Hamas agrees to SUPPRESS all active resistance in GAZA against “Israel” in exchange for promising to open the border crossings to “Israel” and to USA-puppet Egypt?! The leadership of BOTH “Israel” and Egypt think Palestinians are just a problem, a problem which somehow should be eliminated! Hamas, which had NOT been part of the ongoing and relentless missile strikes against so-called “Israel” for years, which had been led by ISLAMIC JIHAD, suddenly joined with the other Islamic groups in firing rockets into “Israel” after the assassination of Jabari in order to try to buttress the credibility of its sell-out “leaders” as supposedly still being “opposed to “‘Israel’” and to try to reverse their most recent image as BETRAYERS of the CHIEF PALESTINIAN ALLY—SYRIA! The USA began the buy-out of the Palestinians in GAZA with a tiny $400 million (USA-authorized!) token gift from the emir of Qatar, who visited GAZA on October 23, 2012 in order to try to bamboozle the Palestinians into thinking Qatar, a chief USA ally against the Syrian Ba’ath Socialist government, is suddenly the friend of Palestinians!? GAZA needs well over a hundred $billion to actually start to rebuild the entire city of GAZA and environs destroyed by USA/“Israel,” not a measly $400 million to build a couple of housing complexes and a prosthetic center to deal with the limbs lost through the continuous non-stop, escalated and now temporarily halted USA-authorized “Israeli” air attacks! No amount of token monetary gifts can change the political and economic reality in GAZA! WHAT HAPPENED? On November 14, 2012 the USA authorized so-called “Israel” to assassinate Ahmed Said Khalil al-Jabari, the head of the military wing of Hamas, by a much ballyhooed USA/“Israeli” aerial pinpoint bombing for the unstated reason that Jabari opposed Haniya and Meshal’s betrayal of HAMAS and their support for the USA attempt to overthrow Syria. Jabari had become the de facto leader of Hamas after the traitorous betrayal and defections of Meshal and Haniya to the USA/“Israel.” Hamas had not fired rockets into “Israel” for years so al-Jabari could NOT have been assassinated for THAT REASON! But Jabari apparently strongly opposed such betrayal and treachery by Meshal and Haniya and refused to abandon the original political positions of Hamas, which included SUPPORT FOR SYRIA and NO recognition of so-called “Israel.” With Jabari’s assassination Meshal and Haniya were in a position to return and reclaim “credibility (?)” in a leadership role after ridiculously claiming “victory (!?)” after the 8-Day War. After assassinating Jabari, “Israel” immediately moved to regenerate credibility for Haniya by bombing the disgraced Haniya’s vacated house (RT, November 15, 2012) “Oh, look what they did to his HOUSE!” The USA/“Israeli” Bombing of GAZA was simply one more Dog and Pony Show, a WAR OF PROVOCATION in order to manipulate and confuse the Palestinians and the World, while sacrificing the lives of over 160 Palestinians, which is NO PROBLEM for the USA/“Israeli” mass murderers! The PRIMARY PURPOSE of the USA Bombing of GAZA, which began with the admitted targeted assassination of Jabari, the CHIEF OPPONENT of the Meshal/Haniya SELLOUT of the Ba’ath Socialist Syrian Government, was designed to eliminate Jabari and to attempt to simultaneously FALSELY DISASSOCIATE the new USA-Hamas puppets, Meshal and Haniya, from their new USA/“Israel” masters and help to regenerate their credibility, both in Occupied Palestine and in SYRIA to try to reverse Palestinian support for Ba’ath Socialism and Palestinian support for Hezbollah! Simultaneously the sudden USA/“Israeli” 8-Day Bombing of GAZA began with an otherwise unexplained escalation of air strikes and reported “Israeli” troop mobilizations, supposedly under the pretext of Palestinian rocket attacks, which had been ongoing for years! The USA then directed its puppet governments of Egypt, Turkey, Qatar to travel or send emissaries so they could demagogically: “Stand with the Palestinians” and criticize “Israel” for slaughtering Palestinians! Why now all of a sudden? What a JOKE! Hopefully the majority of Palestinians won’t be fooled and will see through it. But the USA has total contempt for the political intelligence of the Palestinian masses, just as it has total contempt for the intelligence of the USA masses, a significant percentage of which it is mobilizing to exterminate in escalating economic and then biological warfare, and believes that it can at least NEUTRALIZE Middle East-wide Palestinian support for USA-targeted Syria and hopefully manipulate the Palestinians in GAZA and in Syria to support the USA mercenaries/proxies or at least keep them CONFUSED (because a confused person cannot act!) and to generate enough popular support through the ceasefire for the newly regenerated AUTHORITY for HAMAS misleadership to be able to suppress Islamic Jihad, the main ally of Iran in GAZA, and other political opposition groups in order to reduce or eliminate the rocket attacks and eventually recognize so-called “Israel!” Dream on! This is an example of how the USA hopes to control the Middle East and Persian Gulf and implement DIVIDE AND CONQUER policies made possible through its so-called “Arab Spring” Regime Change Gambit to try to turn the Hamas masses against Ba’ath Socialist Syria, whose support for the Palestinian masses remains STEADFAST as it has always been, but Syria does not support fake leaders who betray ALL Palestinians. On November 22, 2012 USA PUPPET Mohamed Morsi, fully authorized by the USA, which pretended “concern,” issued a DICTITORIAL DECREE, in order to fire the entire Egyptian judiciary and to ram Sharia law down the throats of the Egyptian masses just like Libya was ordered to do by the USA! See below. Mohamed Elbaradei and other opposition groups forced Morsi to finally rescind his dictator’s decree but not the Moslem Brotherhood Sharia—divide and conquer—Constitution referendum on December 8, 2012. The Egyptian masses demonstrate, but to WHOM? Demonstrations must appeal directly to the Egyptian armed forces rank and file to overthrow the USA-puppet Morsi and carry out what MUST be a Socialist Revolution in Egypt! The name “Bashar Assad” is shorthand for Ba’ath Socialism, which is the real target! The USA overall “strategy” for their Islamic Fundamentalist mercenary proxies in Syria (including Al Qaeda just like in Libya! See below) is to simply invade cities, towns and areas and take over people’s homes as their base forcing the local inhabitants to seek refuge elsewhere in public schools and other sites and openly murdering for intimidation purposes a certain number of the overwhelming majority of Syrians who support the Ba’ath Socialist government, while going about willy-nilly destroying Syrian infrastructure, while depending on the USA-controlled world capitalist media to use the Big Lie technique to label Syria as “the aggressor!” This is what has happened in Damascus and Aleppo and throughout Syria! Syrians generally hate and despise the USA and all its proxies! On August 3, 2012 for good measure the USA directed its proxies to bomb the Yarmouk Palestinian Refugee Camp, the home of 150,000 Palestinians in Damascus as a deliberate provocation and then blame the Ba’ath Socialist government for the bombing (!) to try to break Palestinian loyalty to the Syrian government and then claimed to have recruited many Palestinian youths via their false Internet propaganda! The New York Times has openly described what are USA divide and conquer attempts in Syria and Lebanon. (August 23, 2012) In line with its divide and conquer strategy in Lebanon and Syria alike, the USA tried to get its puppet Sunni sheiks in Lebanon to form “Sunni Defense Councils” to attack the overwhelmingly popular Hezbollah, but that obvious USA scheme has been opposed by even the Sunni mufti of Tripoli and northern Lebanon! (BBC, August 28, 2012) USA DIVIDE AND CONQUER STRATEGY AND TACTICS: The USA has also instructed its puppet Turkey also to absurdly accuse Syria (!) of trying to portray the USA attempt to overthrow Syria as a battle of Shiites against Sunnis (!) and accuse Ba’ath Socialist Syria of trying to instigate such a divide and conquer strategy (!) in Syria AND in neighboring countries in an attempt 1.) To try to discredit Syria and 2.) To falsely portray the USA Invasion by Proxy as a “civil war.” (See New York Times, September 11, 2012) Divide and Conquer is actually an integral part of the present USA strategy in Syria and WORLDWIDE. The (U.S.) ASSASSINATIONS BY PROXY of the Syrian Defense Minister, Deputy Defense Minister and a former Defense Minister by a suicide bomber and the arson of a security barracks on July 9th were carried out not only to generate the entirely false belief that Syria was “on the skids,” but mostly to build the morale of the U.S. proxies who the U.S. wanted to give the impression of entering Damascus and Aleppo for the “final battle,” which up to that point WAS resulting in their total liquidation! (See below). The brief capture of Syrian border crossings starting on July 19, 2012 (BBC), which in some cases has become semi-permanent, is in the same bag and has set the stage for USA Provocations used as pretexts for “No-Fly Zones.” The USA-Puppet Turkey has repeatedly threatened to invade Syria. The staging area was to have been the heavily armed area in Turkey, the site where the Patriot Missile Batteries were installed to create a limited “No-Fly Zone,” where the USA directed its proxies to take over the Syrian checkpoint guarded by Turkey. This was apparently the site designated by the USA to launch the early October 2012 Part II of the USA/Turkish F-4 Provocation (in an accumulating list), a continuous cross-border false flag provocation. See above. In order to harass Syria, generate panic and help undermine its economy the USA directed its mercenaries to attack the Damascus International Airport on December 7, 2012. As mentioned above, the USA proxies/mercenaries have been photographed armed with USA Stinger and Sam-7 missiles and the most modern Russian SA-14s, SA-

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