Henrique Capriles Reveals Fascist Side

“The mask of a tolerant and democratic man has slipped to reveal the face of a fascist and the hatred of the oligarchy.”

Granma Internacional

The current governor of Miranda, Henrique Capriles—defeated by Chávez in last October’s elections – officially announced on March 10 that he will once again represent the right-wing Mesa de Unidad Democrática (MUD).

Capriles today confirmed his acceptance as the opposition candidate in the elections and attacked Acting President Nicolás Maduro, the government candidate, accusing him of lying and using the pain of President Hugo Chávez’ supporters.

“Everything that is happening, all of this was coldly calculated, when they were going to do the elections, the chronogram of everything related to the electoral process…” Capriles said.

Moreover, he accused Maduro of “receiving acting courses in Cuba,” and asked “if these tears are sincere.”

“Nicolás has lied to this country over the last few months,” Capriles stated, accusing him of “playing with Venezuelans’ hopes” and of campaigning for weeks.

Capriles also launched a diatribe at Venezuelan institutions such as the Supreme Court of Justice, the National Electoral Council (CNE) and the Armed Forces, as well as the memory of the deceased Venezuelan leader and his family.

“The mask of a tolerant and democratic man has slipped,” Acting President Nicolás Maduro responded a few minutes afterward, “to reveal the face of a fascist and the hatred of the last names in the oligarchy.”

Maduro affirmed that Capriles’ statements seek to provoke violence and stain with blood and death “a victory sung by Comandante Chávez this April 14.”

The current governor of Miranda’s speech, he stated, “Marks the day of the total sinking of this sad character, who cannot dissimulate the defeat in his own eyes.”

Maduro called on the people not to fall into these provocations. “It is not the hour of revenge or hatred, it is the hour of peace.”

He noted that the family of Comandante Hugo Chávez reserves the right to take legal action against Capriles’ defamations.

Maduro announced that, this Friday, Chávez’ casket will be taken to the historic Montaña Garrison, from where Chávez, then a Lieutenant Colonel, commanded the actions of February 4, 1992.

He also stated that the National Assembly is to approve an amendment to the Constitution – which must be subsequently endorsed by the people in a referendum – to place Chávez in the National Pantheon, to rest beside the Liberator Simón Bolívar, as demanded by people on the streets.

Meanwhile, Chávez’ office in Miraflores Palace, as well as other locations utilized by the deceased leader, will be converted into museums.

When Maduro arrived this Sunday at the corner of Jesús Faría, in Caracas, to take part in a Congress of the Venezuelan Communist Party (PCV), he was awaited by hundreds of people chanting in unison, “Con Chávez y Maduro, el Pueblo está seguro” (With Chávez and Maduro, the people are secure).

These demonstrations of popular support have been repeated in different ways throughout the entire country. Ranging from an important sector of the business community to PCV members themselves, people have given their support to the candidate of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela – the man chosen by Chávez to continue the Bolivarian Revolution – in the presidential elections to take place on April 14, in accordance with the CNE mandate.

Maduro affirmed that – for his official registration as candidate this March 11 – he is to present before the CNE the five-point program for the homeland, the same government plan presented nine months ago by the deceased leader Hugo Chávez, PL reports.


2 thoughts on “Henrique Capriles Reveals Fascist Side

  1. Nicolas Maduro is just a Fidel Castro’s puppet, appointing him is the last “favor” Chavez did to Venezuela to further bury it into Comunist decadence.

    • The only puppet is Henrique Capriles, whose whole platform is about reversing economic equality and social justice in Venezuela and reversing the Bolivarian Revolution across the continent. He is the face of oligarchy and U.S. imperialism which for decades has propped up illegitimate fascist regimes.

      Communist decadence? What decadence is there in bringing millions healthcare, a decent living, a say in the political process, and optimism about their and their childrens’ futures? (The Venezuelan government is not Communist, if that actually matters to you)

      Cuba and Venezuela are two places where global capitalism, with its racism and poverty and ‘disappeared’ dissidents and environmental destruction, is being defeated.

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