Israel-Palestine “Peace Talk” Charade Highlights Need for One-State Solution

Deja vu? Misleaders once again going through the motions to pretend a "two-state solution" is possible.

Deja vu? Misleaders once again going through the motions to pretend a “two-state solution” is possible.

Nina Westbury
Crimson Satellite

Another round of discussions in the farcical Israeli-Palestinian “peace process” are likely to begin soon, if last night’s negotiations between Israeli minister Tzipi Livini and Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat prove fruitful. Corporate media is once again prepared to go through the motions, pretending that bringing together the fascist demagogues of the Netanyahu regime and the unprincipled, corrupt Abbas government under the watchful eye of continued Iraq war apologist John Kerry could yield some progress towards a “two-state solution” — in which the impoverished rump state of Palestine remains divided and the admittedly Apartheid-inspired Zionist regime continues down the path of unchecked militarism.

In opposition to the manufactured narrative that only a two-state ‘solution’ is feasible, Muammar Gaddafi posited another idea. Instead of giving in to religious divisions, a secular direct democracy should emerge in “Isratine.” Peace will only be sustainable when the working classes of both countries overthrow their elite misleaders and establish socialism. This is a momentous task and the obstacles in the way of this vision are daunting. But the egalitarian one-state solution alone will bring a permanent to end to a crisis which constantly claims the lives of peaceable adults and children and risks nuclear war or other environmental disasters.

The neocon myth of violent “jihadi” Arabs and Muslims, spread by terrorists groups they themselves created and funded, is contradicted by anti-imperial and egalitarian political traditions that have existed in the Islamic world stretching from Algeria to Iran. While these histories may now appear to be decisively buried, humanity’s continued survival depends on those involved in seemingly-unresolvable conflicts like that in Israel-Palestine discovering class-conscious unity and engineering proletarian movements that can overthrow the violent and chaotic capitalist system.


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