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  1. I base this comment on only having read the article about South Africa’s ANC by 2019 and also having glanced over your website. Communism and socialism will never work because people are all lazy by nature and have to be led like cattle to get anything right. Everybody has a boss, even in socialist Utopia and in capitalism. I wish I did not have to work, but here I am. If a great socialist country ever rose to long term prominence it will still be full of “systems”, government and an elite. I have several doubts about capitalism and I hate the way a lot of the things in the west are but socialism raises far more questions than answers. If you have any experience in leading a team of people to achieve a certain goal you will understand how pathetic we all are at times (some more than others). Globalisation is a result of the super rich having learnt that they cannot depend on any group of people, for a reasonable period of time, to maintain their morality, stability and work ethic. Accordingly you need multiple production platforms and multiple markets. Just like gravity: “By the sweat of your brow you will eat.” Sad but true. A good socialist state has about as much chance of lasting as a “children’s slumber party”. Socialists are always on about huge conspiracies of the rich and the powerful but how much credibility does the socialist movement have when it comes to “work” and “productivity”? If I had any better ideas than what I think is best (capitalism with a pinch of socialism), I would publish it to all who cared to read it or hear it. I believe that mankind is incapable mentally of creating a better political, social and justice system. You do a survey and ask the populous of any country that is in or coming out of a socialist past (in living memory) and see where they would rather be – I am convinced that if it were possible they would rather be in the west. How many people are fleeing socialist states and how many people are fleeing the west? Let us say that every citizen of Earth behaved well for the next 50 years and all countries grew economically, behaved as environmentally responsible as possible, governments became smaller, more efficient and less corrupt, social injustice and poverty levels dropped to the lowest levels in human history – a veritable humanistic utopia!! We would all love that – no reasonable man will argue against such a goal for humanity – the problem is that not all humans will pull their weight, not in capitalism and not in socialism. However, with capitalism those not pulling their weight are exposed and purged quicker from whatever it is they are doing. To me that is a constant theme on the difference between capitalism and socialism – capitalism purges its poor performers faster and inversely rewards its high achievers quicker. Capitalism is a devourer of resources while socialism is a magnet used by politicians appealing to the poorer, weaker and lazier traits of their voting pool. My comments above are not an attack on anyone, I would like to see people convince me otherwise. Respectfully.

    • Hi Andries,

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment. The terms “capitalism,” “socialism,” “communism,” can be confusing and all sorts of connotations are applied to them. This article should help clarify the socialist perspective. It addresses most of the criticisms you raise.

      As for productivity and efficiency, consider that the Soviet Union went from a poor and backwards country to the world’s second largest economic power in just two decades. This was accompanied by a rise in living standards unprecedented in human history.

      Libya, the world’s poorest country in 1969, became one of the world’s most developed, prosperous, and equitable countries because of a planned socialist economy and a directly democratic mode of governance.

      “You do a survey and ask the populous of any country that is in or coming out of a socialist past (in living memory) and see where they would rather be – I am convinced that if it were possible they would rather be in the west.”

      Here is recent evidence that a majority of people living in what used to be East Germany preferred life under socialism.

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