Crimson Satellite is a blog with a revolutionary socialist perspective. Inspired by the life and works of such figures as Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Luxemburg, among others, I believe that the working class uniquely has the ability to lead humanity towards a world order based on justice, equality, democracy, and the dignity and importance of each individual.

The chief task of all those opposed to war, bigotry, and poverty is to defend the oppressed wherever they may be.

Nina Westbury, Creator and Editor of Crimson Satellite 

About The Author

Nina Westbury is a writer, artist, and teacher. She has taught in primary and secondary school settings across the United States. Her belief in the necessity of working class revolution was shaped in her childhood, where she was raised in a region that was and continues to be closely divided along class and racial lines. Nina’s father once told her that the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s was a “Communist plot” and, while gaining a deeper understanding of the issues involved, she has from that moment forward fought for a communist world. Click here to read her original articles.


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