President Mugabe: African Union Failed Libya

PANA Press

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (PANA) – Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe said Thursday the African Union (AU) had failed Libya in its recent conflict which toppled the government of Colonel Mouammar Kadhafi.

In a speech to party supporters, the veteran leader said Africa and the Middle East were facing renewed Western imperialist conquest and the AU had failed the first test in Libya.

Western nations, hiding behind a UN mandate to protect civilians threatened by government forces after a revolt, went to war in Libya and toppled its government two months ago.

Mugabe said the AU should have organised strong African resistance to the Western invasion of the north African country, noting this had opened the door for further similar invasions.

“Today, that country (Libya) is broken…bombed to rumble by Nato’s terrorist bombs,” he said.

“In this conflict, the already weak continent (of Africa) has been weakened further by divisions over this conflict,” Mugabe said.

He said the Libyan war by the Western countries was inspired by a desire to grab the country’s rich oil and gas resources and warned of a new Berlin Conference-style division of Africa by the big powers.

However, Mugabe said imperialist nations would not succeed if Africa stood united and spoke with one strong voice when faced with the Western threats.

“In unity, we can conquer, however small we are,” he said.


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