Venezuelan Communist Party Warns of Opposition Destabilisation Plans, Possible Foreign Intervention

Rachel Boothroyd

Caracas, April 5th 2012 ( – The National Secretary of Venezuela’s Communist Party, Pedro Eusse, has warned that the opposition coalition, the Roundtable of Democratic Unity (MUD), is laying the foundations to dispute the results of this year’s presidential elections in October, as well as to possibly incite violence.

In a press conference yesterday, Eusse stated that the MUD’s plan was to secure a “Syrian style” international intervention following the elections by inciting criminal and armed groups to act against the government. He also added that the coalition was currently using political opinion polls predicting the popularity of each candidate to create a “fictitious” reflection of Venezuela’s political reality in the run up to elections in order to be able to “cry fraud” in October.

“All this is accompanied by the activation of a violent plan, with the presence of criminal elements from abroad in Venezuela – paramilitaries, assassins, mercenaries – that will all become active when they cry ‘fraud,’” stated Eusse.

The PCV official went on to compare this plan with the current political problems in Syria, where he said that “a violent and destabilising situation has been created through the displacement of armed assassin groups and mercenaries with political objectives”.

He went on to cite a recent spree of violent events in Venezuela, including the murders of two members of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), the ex-governor of Apure state and a deputy in the National Assembly, as proof of the “activation of criminal acts in order to create a sense of danger” within the population, as well as stating that criminal groups seemed to be “more and more present” in the country.

“We are also observing that these groups could remain underground, inactive, until a specific moment – the 7th of October – when they will become active,” explained Eusse.

The Venezuelan Communist Party called on citizens to defend the revolutionary process from any opposition attacks and urged communal councils, social movements and Venezuelan workers to organise in order to assure the election of Hugo Chavez in October.


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